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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1985The advantages of majority decision makingThake, Martin A.
1999Almond blossoms and their avian nectar feedersThake, Martin A.
1984Analysis of honey buzzard flight directions at BuskettThake, Martin A.
1981Autumn migration of the Honey buzzard through Malta in relation to weatherThake, Martin A.
1995Birds drinking nectar from almond Prunus dulcis blossomsThake, Martin A.
1992Black redstart and White wagtail using a building as shelter during a rain showerThake, Martin A.
1995Black redstart Phoenicurus ochruros feeding on berries of Japanese Honeysuckle Lonicera japonicaThake, Martin A.
1992Chiffchaffs Phylloscopus collybita feeding in a small group on a local concentration of emerging moth flies (Insecta ; Diptera ; Psychodidae)Thake, Martin A.
1983Cold fronts and Honey buzzard migration across large bodies of waterThake, Martin A.
2002The diet of three Black redstarts Phoenicurus ochruros wintering at MdinaThake, Martin A.
1995Does natural selection brought about by infectious diseases influence the process of speciation in seabirds and other birds?Thake, Martin A.
1983Evidence for the existence of a leading line effect in Honey buzzard migration through MaltaThake, Martin A.
1981Falls of autumn migrants : 7-9.9.76Thake, Martin A.
2002-12Geochelone robusta (Adams 1877) : an insular giant?Thake, Martin A.
1987Improved decision making by migrating diurnal raptors during more intense migrationThake, Martin A.
1995Improved decision making by migrating raptors during peak period of migrationThake, Martin A.
1995Inter-specific and intra-specific interactions among birds feeding on nectar in Malta : winter and spring 1978Thake, Martin A.
1995Interspecific territorial behaviour among three species of Turdidae wintering in MaltaThake, Martin A.
1984-09Land snails from Comino (Mollusca : Gastropoda)Thake, Martin A.
1995Male Spanish sparrow Passer hispaniolensis run over by a car while fightingThake, Martin A.