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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Exploring the trend of Czech FDIs and their effect to institutional environmentJindřichovská, Irena; Ugurlu, Erginbay; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2020Financial derivatives : a blessing or a curse?Grima, Simon; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.; Dalli Gonzi, Rebecca; Thalassinos, Ioannis E.
2020The financial derivatives myths and doubts : a conclusionGrima, Simon; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2020Financial derivatives use : a literature reviewGrima, Simon; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2020FinTech, blockchain and Islamic finance : an extensive literature reviewRabbani, Mustafa Raza; Khan, Shahnawaz; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2020Ideas for a regulatory definition of FinTechRupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2020The impact and challenges of the insurance distribution directive (IDD) on Maltese insurance undertakingsVella, Stefan J.; Grima, Simon; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2020Investigating the relationship between tax revenues and tax ratios : an empirical research for selected OECD countriesLiapis, Kostantinos J.; Politis, Evangelos D.; Ntertsou, Dimitra; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2020A thematic analysis and a revisit to literature on cases of improper use of derivativesGrima, Simon; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2020Tourism development and economic growth : a comparative study for the G-6 leadersAdamopoulos, Antonios; Thalassinos, Eleftherios I.
2013Way of banking development abroad : branches or subsidiariesThalassinos, Eleftherios I.; Venediktova, Bozhana; Staneva-Petkova, Daniela; Zampeta, Vicky