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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bending the rules, breaking the rules : how corruption and lobbying affect the investment market selection of Swedish firmsThede, Susanna; Gustafson, Nils-Åke
2015Changing capitalism in the Arab and Muslim WorldPace, Roderick; Thede, Susanna; Harwood, Mark
2005Determinants of bilateral trade protectionThede, Susanna
2017Determinants of the firm’s foreign internalization decisionThede, Susanna
2018Do Swedish multinationals pay less in taxes than domestic firms?Hansson, Åsa; Olofsdotter, Karin; Thede, Susanna
2021The effect of corrupt market experience on FDI : evidence from Swedish manufacturing enterprisesThede, Susanna; Karpaty, Patrik
2022Effects of corruption on foreign direct investment : evidence from Swedish multinational enterprisesThede, Susanna; Karpaty, Patrik
2003Essays on endogenous trade policiesThede, Susanna
2015The EU, investment protection and TTIPThede, Susanna
2016Importers, exporters and multinationals : exploring the hierarchy of international linkagesGullstrand, Joakim; Olofsdotter, Karin; Thede, Susanna
2014Markups and export-pricing strategiesGullstrand, Joakim; Olofsdotter, Karin; Thede, Susanna
2018A model of trade, task offshoring and social insuranceThede, Susanna
2012The multifaceted impact of corruption on international tradeThede, Susanna; Gustafson, Nils-Åke
2015The role of socio-economic policies in Arab Spring countriesKoc, Ahmet Ali; Salem, M. Anis; Banks, Natasha; Gustafson, Nils-Åke; Ozdamar, Oznur; Thede, Susanna
2020Taking stock on Brexit, Institute for European Studies policy brief 03/2020Thede, Susanna
2020Tariff overhang and aid : theory and empiricsLorz, Oliver; Thede, Susanna
2012What can we learn from trade-theoretic research on offshoring and social insurance?Thede, Susanna
2013What’s the use of a transatlantic free trade area?Thede, Susanna