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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The changing face of scientific conferences : face to face, online or a hybrid model?McEvoy, Natalie L.; Trapani, Josef; Tume, Lyvonne N.
2022Chlorhexidine-based versus non-chlorhexidine dressings to prevent catheter-related bloodstream infections : an evidence-based reviewAzzopardi, Anthea; Trapani, Josef
2021Comparison across 12 countries on knowledge, attitude, and behavior scores about medication errors in Intensive Care Units : an international studyGiannetta, N.; Dionisi, S.; Stievano, Alessandro; Eltaybani, S.; Abdelgawad, M. E.; Katigri, M. R.; Azadboni, T. T.; Lopez-Soto, P. J.; Morales-Cane, I.; Ali, I.; Urban, S.; Shrestha, S.; Christensen, M.; Voutilainen, A.; Vaajoki, A.; Hamdan, K.; Rubicini, G.; Rivera, J. Y.; Pizarro, G.; Liquori, G.; Cassar, Maria; Trapani, Josef; Rocco, G.; Orsi, G. B.; Di Simone, E.; Di Muzio, M.
2014Critical care nurses as dual agents : enhancing inter-professional collaboration or hindering advocacy?Trapani, Josef
2016-05Dual agency in critical care nursing : balancing responsibilities towards colleagues and patientsTrapani, Josef; Scholes, Julie; Cassar, Maria
2020The effect of gum chewing on postoperative ileus in open colorectal surgery patients : a reviewSammut, Roberta; Trapani, Josef; Deguara, Justin; Ravasi, Valeria
2021The effectiveness of skin traction in reducing pain in adults with a hip fracture : a systematic reviewSammut, Roberta; Attard, Monique; Mangion, Daniela; Trapani, Josef
2018The effectiveness of virtual simulation in improving student nurses' knowledge and performance during patient deterioration : a pre and post test designBorg Sapiano, Alexis; Sammut, Roberta; Trapani, Josef
2021-06Evaluation of online programmes : constructing the SEA-EU toolkitTrapani, Josef; Cassar, Maria; Tartari Bonnici, Ermira; Montebello, Veronica; Grech, Adrienne; Attard, Stefan M.; Camilleri, Michelle
2021How to convert your conference abstract into a paper for nursing in critical careTume, Lyvonne N.; Vollam, Sarah; Trapani, Josef
2022How to write an abstract for an intensive care conferenceTume, Lyvonne N.; McEvoy, Natalie; Vollam, Sarah; Trapani, Josef
2014Impact of physical activity in glycaemic control of type 2 diabetic adults amongst the Maltese populationNwaokoro, Joakin Chidozie; Agius Muscat, Hugo; Ellul, Alan; Trapani, Josef
2020The impact of rapid response systems on mortality and cardiac arrests - a literature reviewTeuma Custo, Rebecca; Trapani, Josef
2020Intended and actual outcomes of study abroad programs: nursing students' experiencesTrapani, Josef; Cassar, Maria
2021-06Interprofessional learning in an online programme : a SWOT analysisTrapani, Josef; Cassar, Maria; Tartari Bonnici, Ermira; Montebello, Veronica; Grech, Adrienne; Camilleri, Michelle
2020Introduction to the WHO Year of the nurse and midwife : the impact of critical care nurses and meet the new editorsTume, Lyvonne N.; Trapani, Josef
2019The knowledge and attitudes of persons who participate and do not participate in a colorectal cancer screening programme : a comparative surveySammut, Roberta; Camilleri, Sylvia; Trapani, Josef
2000Knowledge, behaviours and attitudes of Maltese nursing students on smokingTrapani, Josef
2022The lived experiences of mothers of children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in MaltaFormosa, Elaine; Trapani, Josef
2023Malta Journal of Health Sciences : volume 10 : issue 1Spiteri, Georgette; Gatt, Daniela; Lungaro-Mifsud, Stephen; Scerri, Josianne; Guilherme Araujo Seara Couto, Jose; Formosa, Melissa Marie; Trapani, Josef; Pavli, Foteini