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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1959The archaeological collections of the National MuseumTrump, David H.
2009The archaeological sequence of the circleStoddart, Simon; Hardy, Peter; Malone, Caroline; Mason, Simon; Pedley, Hugh Martyn; Trump, David H.
1999The architecture of the Maltese templesTrump, David H.
1963-12Carbon, Malta and the MediterraneanTrump, David H.
1963-03-23Clearing the Neolithic Temples of Skorba : new light on the earlier peoples of MaltaTrump, David H.
1976The collapse of the Maltese templesTrump, David H.
1966The Copper AgeTrump, David H.
1993Cult in an island society : prehistoric Malta in the Tarxien periodBonanno, Anthony; Stoddart, Simon; Gouder, Tancred; Malone, Caroline; Trump, David H.
1964The dating of Malta's pastTrump, David H.
1993-12The death cults of prehistoric Malta : new archaeological excavations reveal that as the ancient island societies suffered from environmental decline, they developed an extreme religious preoccupation with life and deathMalone, Caroline; Bonanno, Anthony; Gouder, Tancred; Stoddart, Simon; Trump, David H.
2009The domestic environmentMalone, Caroline; Grima, Reuben; Magro-Conti, Joseph; Trump, David H.; Stoddart, Simon; Hardisty, Holly
1961Field activities of the National MuseumTrump, David H.
1963History from the seaTrump, David H.
1988A house for the temple builders : recent investigations on Gozo, MaltaMalone, Caroline; Stoddart, Simon; Trump, David H.
2009Introduction : the Intellectual and Historical ContextMalone, Caroline; Stoddart, Simon; Bonanno, Anthony; Gouder, Tancred; Grima, Reuben; Trump, David H.
1994La mort à Malte pendant la préhistoire : le Cercle de BrochtorffTrump, David H.; Bonanno, Anthony; Gouder, Tancred
1963-09-14Malta’s earliest temple : the completion of the work on the Neolithic village of Skorba describedTrump, David H.
2009Material cultureMalone, Caroline; Malone, Caroline; Bonanno, Anthony; Trump, David H.; Dixon, John; Leighton, Robert; Pedley, Hugh Martyn; Stoddart, Simon; Schembri, Patrick J.
1981Megalithic architecture in MaltaTrump, David H.
2009Methods applied in the analysis of the circleMalone, Caroline; Mason, Simon; Stoddart, Simon; Kermorvant, Alain; Martinez-Cruz, Begofia; Prat-Hurtado, Fulgencio; Redhouse, David; Stove, Colin; Trump, David H.