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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Acute nicotine induces anxiety and disrupts temporal pattern organization of rat exploratory behavior in hole-board : a potential role for the lateral habenulaCasarrubea, Maurizio; Davies, Caitlin; Faulisi, Fabiana; Pierucci, Massimo; Colangeli, Roberto; Partridge, Lucy; Chambers, Stephanie; Cassar, Daniel; Valentino, Mario; Muscat, Richard; Benigno, Arcangelo; Crescimanno, Giuseppe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2019Aminonaphthalimide hybrids of mitoxantrone and amonafide as anticancer and fluorescent cellular imaging agentsJohnson, Alex D.; Zammit, Rodrianne; Vella, Jasmine; Valentino, Mario; Buhagiar, Joseph A.
2015Assessment of neuronal and glial injury in a rodent model of focal ischemiaVella, Jasmine; Zammit, Robert; Zammit, Christian; Muscat, Richard; Valentino, Mario
2012Central axons preparing to myelinate are highly sensitivity to ischemic injuryAlix, James J. P.; Zammit, Christian; Riddle, Art; Meshul, Charles K.; Back, Stephen A.; Valentino, Mario; Fern, Robert
2015The central role of aquaporins in the pathophysiology of ischemic strokeVella, Jasmine; Zammit, Christian; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Muscat, Richard; Valentino, Mario
2015Cerebral white matter injuries following a hypoxic/ischemic insult during the perinatal period : pathophysiology, prognostic factors, and future strategy of treatment approach: a minireviewZammit, Christian; Muscat, Richard; Sani, Gabriele; Pomara, Cristoforo; Valentino, Mario
2005Characterization of astrocytes and neural progenitor cellsValentino, Mario; Feng, Zhou
2019Dexamethasone in glioblastoma multiforme therapy : mechanisms and controversiesCenciarini, Marta; Valentino, Mario; Belia, Silvia; Sforna, Luigi; Rosa, Paolo; Ronchetti, Simona; D’Adamo, Maria Cristina; Pessia, Mauro
2012Dysfunction of voltage-gated K + Channels Kv1.1 in sciatic nerve causes spontaneous and stress-induced neuromuscular hyperexcitabilityBrunetti, Orazio; Imbrici, Paola; Botti, F. M.; Pettorossi, Vito Enrico; D’Adamo, Maria; Valentino, Mario; Zammit, Christian; Mora, Marina; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Muscat, Richard; Pessia, Mauro
2016Early loss of blood-brain barrier integrity precedes NOX2 elevation in the prefrontal cortex of an animal model of psychosisSchiavone, Stefania; Mhillaj, Emanuela; Neri, Margherita; Grazia Morgese, Maria; Tucci, Paolo; Bove, Maria; Valentino, Mario; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Pomara, Cristoforo; Turillazzi, Emanuela; Trabace, Luigia; Cuomo, Vincenzo
2012Effect of acute and repeated nicotine administration on the electrical activity of the lateral habenular neurons in ratsPierucci, Massimo; Marino Gammazza, Antonella; Orban, Gergely; Valentino, Mario; Muscat, Richard; Benigno, Arcangelo; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2018Elevated of nitric oxide during hypoglycemia cause structural and functional injury to callosal white matter axons in the rodent brainZammit, Christian; Vella, J.; Zammit, R.; Borg, D.; Valentino, Mario
2001Elevation of extracellular glutamate in the final, ischemic stage of progressive epidural mass lesion in catsToyota, Shingo; Graf, Rudolf; Dohmen, Christian; Valentino, Mario; Grond, Martin; Wienhard, Klaus; Heiss, Wolf-Dieter
1999Emerging insights into the genesis of cerebral ischaemia and strokeValentino, Mario; Graf, Rudolf
2001Extracellular glutamate accumulates only in final, ischemic stage of progressive epidural mass lesion in catsGraf, Rudolf; Toyota, Shingo; Dohmen, Christian; Valentino, Mario; Weinhard, K.; Heiss, Wolf-Dieter
2012Extreme sensitivity of myelinating optic nerve axons in a rodent model of perinatal ischemic injuryZammit, Christian; Valentino, Mario; Alix, James J. P.; Riddle, Art; Meshul, Charles K.; Back, Stephen A.; Fern, Robert
2015Functional electrophysiological assessment from optic nerve and callosal slice in mice to study white matter injuryZammit, Christian; Vella, Jasmine; Zammit, Robert; Muscat, Richard; Valentino, Mario
2001Glutamate and purine catabolites in relation to free radical production during focal ischemia-reperfusion : an in vivo study in catsValentino, Mario; Graf, Rudolf; Toyota, Shingo; Dohmen, Christian; Gabel, P.; Heiss, Wolf-Dieter
1997HB Setif [A94(Gi)Asp+Tyr] in MaltaBorg, Isabella; Valentino, Mario; Fiorini, A.; Felice, Alex E.
2019A healing touchValentino, Mario