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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Aip regulates cAMP signalling and GH secretion in GH3 cellsFormosa, Robert; Xuereb-Anastasi, Angela; Vassallo, Josanne
2022An analysis of blood parameter changes in Cushing's syndrome - a population-based studyMangion, Jessica; Giordano Imbroll, Miriam; Craus, Sarah; Vassallo, Josanne; Gruppetta, Mark
2018Analysis of diagnosis and growth dynamics of adrenal incidentalomas in a large general hospitalGiordano Imbroll, Miriam; Farrugia, Maria; Mifsud, Simon; Vassallo, Josanne; Gruppetta, Mark
2020An analysis of incidence and characteristics of Cushing's syndrome in Malta : a population based studyGiordano Imbroll, Miriam; Abela, Alexia Giovanna; Vassallo, Josanne; Gruppetta, Mark
2009Anxiety and the management of asthma in an adult outpatient populationCordina, Maria; Fenech, Anthony G.; Vassallo, Josanne; Cacciottolo, Joseph M.
2020-12Approach to adrenal incidentalomas : a reviewImbroll, Miriam Giordano; Vassallo, Josanne; Gruppetta, Mark
2017-08Aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) is a potential tumour suppressor in pituitary adenomasFormosa, Robert; Borg, Joseph J.; Vassallo, Josanne
2017-03Aryl hydrocarbon receptor-interacting protein (AIP) n-terminus gene mutations identified in pituitary adenoma patients alter protein stability and functionFormosa, Robert; Vassallo, Josanne
2010Aryl hydrocarbon receptor-interacting protein : mutational analysis and functional validation in primary pituitary cell culturesFormosa, Robert; Farrugia, Cecilia; Xuereb-Anastasi, Angela; Korbonits, Marta; Vassallo, Josanne
2021-07Association between Neutrophil-Lymphocyte ratio and gestational diabetes : a systematic review and meta-analysisPace, Nikolai Paul; Vassallo, Josanne
2008An audit of the management of diabetic ketoacidosis at St Luke’s HospitalAbela, Alexia-Giovanna; Magri, Caroline Jane; Debono, Miguel; Calleja, Neville; Vassallo, Josanne; Azzopardi, Joseph
2018-07Audit on testosterone therapy in adult males with testosterone deficiencyBigen, Josephine; Gruppetta, Mark; Zammit, Matthew; Vella, Yanica; Micallef, Clayton; Mifsud, Maria; Vassallo, Josanne
2016-05Biological and biochemical characteristics of a Mediterranean population with Gestational Diabetes MellitusSavona-Ventura, Charles; Vassallo, Josanne; Craus, Johann; Anastasiou, Eleni; Jotic, Aleksandra; Lalic, Nebojsa M.; Slama, Claude Ben; Rovira Loscos, Adele; Napoli, Angela; Roma, Giona; MGSD-GDM Study Group
2017-04Biomarkers of pituitary adenoma behaviourGruppetta, Mark; Formosa, Robert; Falzon, Sharon; Falzon, Edward; Ariff Scicluna, Sabrina; Degaetano, James; Vassallo, Josanne
2021-01Bisphenol A and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus : a review of epidemiologic, functional, and early life factorsFarrugia, Francesca; Aquilina, Alexia; Vassallo, Josanne; Pace, Nikolai Paul
2009The Bologna Process and the reform of medical educationVassallo, Josanne
2007Brave New Hospital (Apologies to Aldous Huxley)Vassallo, Josanne
2014-07cAMP signalling in the normal and tumorigenic pituitary glandFormosa, Robert; Vassallo, Josanne
2016Carbimazole-induced exudative pleural effusionsCardona Attard, Carol D.; Gruppetta, Mark; Vassallo, Josanne; Vella, Sandro
2004Career options in MedicineVassallo, Josanne