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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1969Clinical aspects of mediastinal emphysema (pneumomediastinum)Vassallo, Luis A.
1969-09Death from thallium poisoning : a case reportCurry, Alan S.; Grech, Joseph L.; Spiteri, L.; Vassallo, Luis A.
1970-02Diaphorase deficiency methaemoglobinaemia mimicking cardiac disease in pregnancyVassallo, Luis A.; Cauchi, Maurice N.
1973Epidemiological aspects of typhoid fever in the Maltese IslandsVassallo, Luis A.
1972Etiological and epidemiological factors in facial palsyVassallo, Luis A.; Galea Debono, Anthony
1972Generalized gangliosidosis in MaltaCachia, Emmanuel; Mifsud, J.; Vassallo, Luis A.; Vassallo Agius, Paul
1969Glomus jugulare tumours : their otological and neurological importanceVassallo, Luis A.; Harding, J.A.
1970Hereditary diaphorase deficiency methemoglobinemia in Maltese familiesVassallo, Luis A.; Cauchi, Maurice N.
1968A method to aid the detection of slight splenomegaly : comparison with other recommended methodsVassallo, Luis A.
1968Some aspects of the landry guillain barre strohl neuropathyCachia, Emmanuel; Vassallo, Luis A.; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
1970Spontaneous remission in the ahumada : del castillo syndromeVassallo, Luis A.; Xuereb, Dennis
2003Studies on Maltese ConsanguinityVassallo, Luis A.
1969Tubo ovarian abscess as a complication of typhoid feverVassallo, Luis A.; Attard, Raphael
1975The use of the Poisson distribution in epidemiological prediction in MaltaVassallo, Luis A.
1972Wilson`s disease in MaltaVassallo, Luis A.
1968The xiphoid process in clinical medicineVassallo, Luis A.