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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1970Accidental poisoning in children in MaltaVassallo Agius, Paul; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
2003Assessment of the undergraduate Curriculum in Paediatrics in Malta : student feedback in Paediatrics, MaltaAttard Montalto, Simon; Vassallo Agius, Paul
1971A case of anorectal agenesis : postoperative complicationsJaccarini, Carol J.; Vassallo Agius, Paul; Attard, Raphael
1967A case of intraplacental twin transfusionVassallo Agius, Paul
1972Congenital malformations survey : a preliminary reportJaccarini, Carol J.; Vassallo Agius, Paul
1972Controlled trial with brinerdin : a new antihypertensiveFenech, Frederick F.; Soler, A.V.; Vassallo Agius, Paul
1970Fetomaternal transfusion : a cause of anemia at birthJaccarini, Carol J.; Vassallo Agius, Paul
1972Generalized gangliosidosis in MaltaCachia, Emmanuel; Mifsud, J.; Vassallo, Luis A.; Vassallo Agius, Paul
1973Hemorrhagic chickenpox in a rheumatic child on steroidsVassallo Agius, Paul; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred; Cachia, Emmanuel
1973Hepatoblastoma : a case reportAzzopardi, Alfred; Vassallo Agius, Paul
1994Home nebulizer therapy in childrenVassallo Agius, Paul; Lenicker, Herbert Manfred
1971Isolated right ventricular hypoplasia with atrial septal defectVassallo Agius, Paul
1970-10Malta case study : a preliminary study of the nutritional status of the Maltese IslandsFenech, Frederick F.; Grech, Alfred; Jaccarini, Anthony P.; Vassallo, Luis; Vassallo Agius, Paul
1998MMR immunization : an appealVassallo Agius, Paul
1994Multiple arterial embolization from left atrial myxoma in a Maltese boyVassallo Agius, Paul; Elliott, Martin
1992An outline of the development of paediatrics in Malta in the twentieth centuryVassallo Agius, Paul
2001Paediatrics in the XX centuryVassallo Agius, Paul
1996Screening for congenital hypothyroidism in Maltese newborns using cord bloodParascandalo, Raymond; Felice, Alex; Rizzo, M.; Vassallo Agius, Paul
1994Screening of internationally adopted childrenLenicker, Herbert Manfred; Vassallo Agius, Paul; Portelli, Alfred V.; Dalmas, Miriam
1971Some reflections on the Rhesus problemVassallo Agius, Paul