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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Anticoagulation control with the point-of-care INR : a retrospective pre-/post-analysisRiva, Nicoletta; Meli, Stephanie; Borg Xuereb, Christian; Vella, Kevin; Ageno, Walter; Makris, Michael; Gatt, Alexander
2015Assessing movements in the unemployment rate of MaltaVella, Melchior; Vella, Kevin
2018Biomarkers for the diagnosis of venous thromboembolism : D-dimer, thrombin generation, procoagulant phospholipid and soluble P-selectinRiva, Nicoletta; Vella, Kevin; Hickey, Kieron; Bertù, Lorenza; Zammit, Daniel; Spiteri, Silvana; Kitchen, Steve; Makris, Michael; Ageno, Walter; Gatt, Alexander
2002Cache-affinity scheduling for fine grain multithreadingDebattista, Kurt; Vella, Kevin; Cordina, Joseph
2016-08Communicating generators in JavascriptMicallef, Kurt; Vella, Kevin
2017A comparative study using thrombin generation and three different INR methods in patients on Vitamin K antagonist treatmentRiva, Nicoletta; Vella, Kevin; Meli, Stephanie; Hickey, Kieron; Zammit, Daniel; Calamatta, Carlo; Makris, Michael; Kitchen, Steve; Ageno, Walter; Gatt, Alexander
2016Creative economy report : 2016 update economic policy departmentVella, Kevin; Cachia, Robert M.
2017Creative economy report : 2017 update economic policy departmentVella, Kevin
2018Creative economy report : 2018 update economic policy departmentVella, Kevin
2015-11CSAW’15 Computer Science Annual WorkshopVella, Kevin
1996CSP/Occam on networks of workstationsVella, Kevin
1999-04CSP/occam on shared memory multiprocessor workstationsVella, Kevin; Welch, Peter H.
2021Diagnostic accuracy of D-dimer in patients at high-risk for splanchnic vein thrombosis : a systematic review and meta-analysisRiva, Nicoletta; Attard, Laura Maria; Vella, Kevin; Squizzato, Alessandro; Gatt, Alexander; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2008e-Infrastructures across the MediterraneanAndronico, Giuseppe; Barbera, Roberto; Bruno, Riccardo; Cavalli, Valentino; Durnford, Laura; Jaume-Rajaonia, Sabine; Jemni, Mohammed; Koumantaros, Kostas; La Rocca, Giuseppe; Liabotis, Ioannis; Nassar, Salwa; Reale, Mario; Ruggieri, Federico; Suleiman, Maher; Tanlongo, Federica; Torman, Yousef; Vella, Kevin; West, David; Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association
2021The effect of DOAC-Stop® on several oral and parenteral anticoagulantsRiva, Nicoletta; Vella, Kevin; Hickey, Kieron; Gatt, Peter; Grima, Charlie; Zammit, Daniel; Ageno, Walter; Kitchen, Steve; Makris, Michael; Gatt, Alexander
2017-12Effectiveness of EUMEDGRIDVella, Kevin; EUMEDGRID
2006EUMEDGRID : grid computing in Malta and the MediterraneanVella, Kevin; Sultana, Robert; Cushing, Reggie; Ruggieri, Federico; Barbera, Roberto; Prnjat, Ognjen; Tanlongo, Federica; Andronico, Giuseppe; Karayannis, Fotis
2006-07EUMEDGRID D2.1 : user and eInfrastructure requirements capture and analysisVella, Kevin; EUMEDGRID
2007-10EUROMOD I-CUE feasibility study : Malta 2006 Tax-Benefit System’ as part of a project that involves the European Centre and the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER)Brinkworth, Maja Miljanic; Micallef, Frank; Vella, Kevin; Gravino, Daniel; Caruana, Etienne
2006The evaluation of the direct method for the LDL-cholesterol.Vella, Kevin