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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017AndroNeo : hardening Android malware sandboxes by predicting evasion heuristicsLeguesse, Yonas; Vella, Mark Joseph; Ellul, Joshua
2019Applying runtime verification to group key establishmentColombo, Christian; González Vasco, María Isabel; Vella, Mark Joseph; Zajac, Pavol
2015BYOD for Android - just add JavaButtigieg, Jessica; Vella, Mark Joseph; Colombo, Christian
2021Casting exploit analysis as a Weird Machine reconstruction problemAbela, Robert; Vella, Mark Joseph
2014-11Challenges faced when forcing malware execution down hidden pathsGatt, James; Vella, Mark Joseph; Micallef, Mark
2014-11Cloud and mobile security assurance : a memory forensics approachVella, Mark Joseph
2022D-Cloud-Collector : admissible forensic evidence from mobile cloud storageVella, Mark Joseph; Colombo, Christian
2010Danger theory and intrusion detection : possibilities and limitations of the analogyVella, Mark Joseph; Roper, Marc; Terzis, Sotirios
2013-11Detecting web server take-over attacks through objective verification actionsVella, Mark Joseph; Terzis, Sotirios
2012Distress detectionVella, Mark Joseph
2012Distress detection (poster abstract)Vella, Mark Joseph; Terzis, Sotirios; Roper, Marc
2018Enhancing virtual machine introspection-based memory analysis with event triggersMuscat, Matthew; Vella, Mark Joseph
2005An enterprise integration project management frameworkCachia, Ernest; Vella, Mark Joseph
2007An enterprise integration specific project frameworkVella, Mark Joseph
2021EtherClue : digital investigation of attacks on Ethereum smart contractsAquilina, Simon Joseph; Casino, Fran; Vella, Mark Joseph; Ellul, Joshua; Patsakis, Constantinos
2006Formal verification of enterprise integration architecturesCachia, Ernest; Vella, Mark Joseph
2019Hooking Android apps for just-in-time memory dumpingBellizzi, Jennifer; Vella, Mark Joseph; Colombo, Christian
2019Living off Android’s accessible landLeguesse, Yonas; Vella, Mark Joseph; Colombo, Christian
2017Memory forensics of insecure android inter-app communicationsVella, Mark Joseph; Cilia, Rachel
2007Mi-Learn : an evaluation of an m-learning management systemCachia, Ernest; Borg, Jonathan C.; Spiteri, Christopher L.; Vella, Mark Joseph