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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01Challenges facing societies in transition - a literature reviewWohlfeld, Monika
2014The code of conduct in the Mediterranean RegionLutterbeck, Derek; Wohlfeld, Monika
2018Cyberattacks and cyber conflict : where is conflict resolution?Wohlfeld, Monika; Jasper, Jack
2010Editorial introductionWohlfeld, Monika; Grech, Omar
2014Editorial introductionGrech, Omar; Wohlfeld, Monika
2011-08From regime security to human security : Arab spring and security sector reformWohlfeld, Monika
2012IntroductionCalleya, Stephen; Wohlfeld, Monika
2014Is migration a security issue?Wohlfeld, Monika
2016Managing migration in the Mediterranean : is the EU failing to balance state security, human security, and human rights?Grech, Omar; Wohlfeld, Monika
2016-09Migration in the Mediterranean : is it a security threat?Wohlfeld, Monika
2012The OSCE’s Mediterranean dialogue : can it contribute to democratization in North African countries?Wohlfeld, Monika
2010An overview of the conflict cycleWohlfeld, Monika
2016-02Report on the international academic conference on ‘Helsinki plus 40 : the Mediterranean chapter of the Helsinki Final Act and the future of Mediterranean co-operation’Calleya, Stephen; Wohlfeld, Monika
2014-01Report on the regional conference on the OSCE code of conduct on politico-military aspects of security for the Mediterranean regionLutterbeck, Derek; Wohlfeld, Monika; Sammut, Daniel
2016Report on the regional outreach conference on the OSCE code of conduct on politico-military aspects of security for the Southern Mediterranean regionLutterbeck, Derek; Wohlfeld, Monika
2018-04What future for the Iran nuclear deal?Wohlfeld, Monika