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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Assessing teacher discourse in a pre-service spoken English proficiency test in MaltaVassallo, Odette; Xerri, Daniel; Jonk, Larissa
2015Attitudes, beliefs and practices in poetry education at a post-secondary school in MaltaXerri, Daniel
2023The awe factor in divingXerri, Daniel
2017Battling inequity : what can two Harvard dropouts teach educators?Xerri, Daniel
2018The beauty of failure and disappointmentXerri, Daniel
2018Becoming research literate : supporting teacher research in English language teachingXerri, Daniel; Pioquinto, Ceres
2024Bend over, here it comes againXerri, Daniel
2018‘Beyond monolithic thinking and practices in ELT’ : Daniel Xerri on teacher researchMcCulloch, Hannah; Xerri, Daniel
2020[Book review] Thinking skills and creativity in second language education : case studies from international perspectivesXerri, Daniel
2016Boosting assessment literacy through teacher involvementXerri, Daniel
2017‘Breaking boulders into pebbles’ : Christine Coombe on teacher researchXerri, Daniel
2023Bricks of cash and foolish happinessXerri, Daniel
2018Building empathy toward migrants via poetryXerri, Daniel
2017Business English in MaltaXerri, Daniel
2009Candidates' performance in the matriculation certificate English examination : an investigationXerri, Daniel
2016The case for multimodal learning and teachingXerri, Daniel
2014Case study I : critical reading and student engagement with poetryXerri, Daniel
2023A celebration of readersXerri, Daniel
2017‘A classroom is a centre of inquiry in all its forms’ : Thomas S. C. Farrell on teacher researchXerri, Daniel
2013Colluding in the ‘torture’ of poetry : shared beliefs and assessmentXerri, Daniel