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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022De-anthropocentrism and onto-taxonomy an ecological viewYoung, Niki
2020Dwar is-salvazzjoni ta’ ommna n-natura u t-twaħħid magħhaYoung, Niki
2023Editors' introduction [The Graham Harman reader]Cogburn, Jon; Young, Niki
2024Gestalt therapy as ‘applied phenomenology’ : reflections on developments within the phenomenological tradition and how this may inform contemporary Gestalt practiceGonzi, Mikela; Young, Niki
2023The Graham Harman readerCogburn, Jon; Young, Niki
2021Object, reduction, and emergence : an object-oriented viewYoung, Niki
2024Object-oriented animals : towards a theory of animality in OOOYoung, Niki
2022Object-oriented heidegger : an interview with Graham HarmanYoung, Niki
2021Object-oriented philosophy and deconstruction : realism in the work of Graham Harman and Jacques DerridaYoung, Niki
2023On being one with natureYoung, Niki
2020On correlationism and the philosophy of (human) access : Meillassoux and HarmanYoung, Niki
2021Only two peas in a pod : on the overcoming of ontological taxonomiesYoung, Niki
2020Post-coronial ontology : on separation and unionYoung, Niki
2019Review of Graham Harman's Object-oriented ontology : a new theory of everythingYoung, Niki
2021Speculative grammatology : deconstruction and the new materialism [Book review]Young, Niki
2018Treepresentations : on images and thingsYoung, Niki
2022What is the future of femminism? [Review of the book Spectrality and survivance : living the anthropocene, by M. Grech]Young, Niki