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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Affordable and clean energy - ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for allYousif, Charles
2004Analysis of photovoltaic projects in a Mediterranean islandRibeiro, F. A.; Yousif, Charles
2002Application of solar thermal energyMiles, Jonathan J.; Yousif, Charles
2016Assessing energy efficiency of a typical residential apartment blockYousif, Charles
2017Assessing PV module degradation and the potential of using greenhouse roofs for supplemental PV power generation in MaltaBartolo, Kristy; Yousif, Charles
2023Assessing the performance of a renewable district heating system to achieve nearly zero-energy status in renovated university campuses : a case study for SpainRey-Hernandez, Javier M.; Rey-Martinez, Francisco J.; Yousif, Charles; Krawczyk, Dorota
2020Assessment of building energy modelling studies to meet the requirements of the new Energy Performance of Buildings DirectiveGatt, Damien; Yousif, Charles; Cellura, Maurizio; Camilleri, Liberato; Guarino, Francesco
2012Asset and operational energy performance rating of a modern apartment in MaltaYousif, Charles; Diez Mucientes, R.; Rey Martinez, Francisco Javier
2006Barriers and incentives for the widespread application of renewable energy in MaltaFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Mallia, Edward A.; Yousif, Charles
2020Building energy renovation and smart integration of renewables in a social housing block toward nearly-zero energy statusGatt, Damien; Caruana, Cedric; Yousif, Charles
2020Climatological global solar UV index : measurement and health issues in MaltaBusuttil, Roderick; Galdies, Charles; Cacciottolo, Joseph M.; Yousif, Charles
2013Comparison of solar radiation in Marsaxlokk, Malta and Valladolid, SpainYousif, Charles; Quecedo, Gorka Ona; Bilbao, Julia
2014Comparison of thermal transmittance of in-situ HCB walls as determined by infrared and heat flow testing methodsCurmi, Ronald; Grima, Charlon; Caruana, Caroline; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Spiridione
2002Comparison study between the performance of tracking and stationary solar photovoltaic systems in MaltaYousif, Charles
2005Contribution of solar applications towards achieving a renewable energy target for MaltaYousif, Charles
2017Determination of thermal characteristics of standard and improved hollow concrete blocks using different measurement techniquesCaruana, Caroline; Yousif, Charles; Bacher, Peder; Buhagiar, Spiridione; Grima, Charlon
2014Development of a Stirling engine powered by parabolic trough collectorsMangion, Ronald; Muscat, Martin; Ghirlando, Robert; Sant, Tonio; Yousif, Charles; Vural, Sinan
2015Development of a thermally improved hollow concrete blockCaruana, Caroline; Yousif, Charles; Buhagiar, Spiridione; Grima, Charlon
2010The Eco-Gozo concept : from a sustainable energy perspectiveFarrugia, Robert N.; Fsadni, Mario; Mule’ Stagno, Luciano; Weissenbacher, Manfred; Yousif, Charles
2016The effect of different glazing apertures on the thermal performance of Maltese buildingsCaruana, Trevor-Francis; Yousif, Charles