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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Balancing between patronage and professionalism : an ethnographic account of lawyering in MaltaZammit, David E.
2004Bridging the gaps between the historiesZammit, David E.; Treiki, Hadeel Al.; Pappe, Ilan
2002The case of the 'faithful prostitute' : judicial creativity and family values in a Southern European contextZammit, David E.
2009Cities and crisesDay, Dennis; Grindsted, Annette; Piquard, Brigitte; Zammit, David E.; Villanueva, Kevin H. R.
2019Clinical legal education in Malta : learning from experience and identifying the challengesZammit, David E.; Kislova, Alina
2003Commoditising rubble in Maltese suburbia : a photo-essayZammit, David E.
2012"Consultative assessment of Integration of Third Country Nationals” projectZammit, David E.
2020Displacing the natives in early British Malta : bastion burials, tournaments and gibbetsZammit, David E.
2002Does the 'non cumul' rule exist in our civil law?Zammit, David E.
2018Editors' introduction : religious marriages in the MediterraneanHirsch, Susan F.; Ibtisam, Sadegh; Zammit, David E.
2022Establishing civil liability for smart contracts : a hybrid legal framework to regulate an emerging technologyZammit, David E.; Debono, Pauline
2016Foreword [Court delay and human rights remedies]Zammit, David E.
2018Foreword [Renting immovables in twenty-first century Malta. Does the law provide a level playing field?]Zammit, David E.
2012“A happy union”? Malta’s legal hybridityDonlan, Seán Patrick; Andò, Biagio; Zammit, David E.
2019How British colonial rule took advantage of the Maltese carnivalZammit, David E.
2019How growing up in Malta and England changed my understanding of identityZammit, David E.
2018How human rights have influenced Maltese civil liability jurisprudenceZammit, David E.
2019Human dignity in MaltaZammit, David E.; Muscat, Mary
1997Human rights versus social practice in the MediterraneanZammit, David E.
2017Individual legal status : a tool for developing European law?Bartolini, Antonio; Colcelli, Valentina; Zammit, David E.