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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Anatomic site markers : evaluation of their use among Maltese radiographersAttard, Stephanie; Couto, Jose Guilherme; MacKay, Stuart; Zarb, Francis
2010AP diameter shows the strongest correlation with CTDI and DLP in abdominal and chest CTZarb, Francis; Rainford, Louise; McEntee, Mark F.
2022Assessing the image quality of brain magnetic resonance images taken with 1.5T and 3T scannersBorg, Leanne; Zarb, Francis; Borg Grima, Karen
2019A CAD system for brain haemorrhage detection in head CT scansNapier, John; Debono, Carl James; Bezzina, Paul; Zarb, Francis
2020The clinical auditZarb, Francis
2019Clinical simulation and its role in radiography educationZufiria, Laura Oleaga; Zarb, Francis
2017Comparison of in vivo vs. frozen vs. Thiel cadaver specimens in visualisation of anatomical structures of the ankle on proton density Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) through a visual grading analysis (VGA) studyZarb, Francis; McNulty, Jonathan P.; Gatt, Alfred; Formosa, Cynthia; Chockalingam, Nachiappan; Evanoff, Michael G.; Rainford, Louise
2015Comparison of planar and SPECT perfusion lung scintigraphy in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolismGera, E.; Samuel, Anthony; Zarb, Francis
2015A comparison of sequential and spiral scanning techniques in brain CTPace, Ivana; Zarb, Francis
2020Computed tomography (CT) examination improvementZarb, Francis
2021Computed tomography diagnostic reference levels for adult brain, chest and abdominal examinations : a systematic reviewGarba, Idris; Zarb, Francis; McEntee, Mark F.; Fabri, Simon G.
2020Congenital absence of the left Internal Carotid ArteryGatt, Simon; Mizzi, Adrian; Zarb, Francis
2012Correlation of number and identification of sentinel nodes during radiographer led lymphoscintigraphy prior to sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer patientsCamilleri, Gail; Borg Grima, Karen; Zarb, Francis
2010Correlation of patients’ weight and dimensions to CT dose descriptors : CTDI and DLPZarb, Francis; Rainford, Louise; McEntee, Mark F.
2011CT diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) in MaltaZarb, Francis; Rainford, Louise; McEntee, Mark
2013CT radiation dose and image quality optimization using a porcine modelZarb, Francis; McEntee, Mark F.; Rainford, Louise
2021Dandy Walker MalformationBellizzi, Andrea; Bellizzi, Carlene; Cortis, Kelvin; Zarb, Francis
2023Deep dive : conducting research in radiographyZarb, Francis
2022Detection of incidental adrenal nodules on computed tomography by radiographersCamilleri, S.; Micallef, V.; Zarb, Francis; Borg Grima, Karen
2022Detection of incidental adrenal nodules on CT by radiographersCamilleri, S.; Micallef, V.; Zarb, Francis; Borg Grima, Karen