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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02-09Beneath the waves : Early Submarine Visits to Malta (1911-13)Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-04-11The Cholera Morbus epidemic of 1837Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2010-03-07The civil defence school in MaltaZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-10-17'Dr Brombos': Pre-Second World War humour magazine.Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2020-02-23Early agricultural shows in MaltaZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-08-08First aid during Second World War· MaltaZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2022-05-01HMS 'Sussex': Souvenir menu card - Malta 1936Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2020-02-16In vino veritasZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-09-26Looking back at Malta's prisons in 1837Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-03-28Lord Gort and MaltaZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-02-28Malta Signal Group: (1935-1944)Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-03-14The Malta War Memorial Hospital for ChildrenZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2020-10-28Malta's strong resolve in the face of warZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-06-06Malta: World War II identification passbooks and ration booksZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-12-05The Ospizio, House of industry and foundlings.Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-01-17Professor Albert V. Bernard and wartime health in MaltaZarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-07-04Reforms and improvements to sanitation.Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-01-31The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in Malta (1952-54)Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-06-13Searching the unsearchable?Zarb-Dimech, Anthony
2021-01-21Second World War propaganda materialZarb-Dimech, Anthony