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2022Addressing the challenges of novel therapies in rare diseases with mechanistic perspectives : missed opportunities or the way forward?Mifsud, Janet; Cranswick, Noel
2022Systematic review of frequency of felt and enacted stigma in epilepsy and determining factors and attitudes toward persons living with epilepsy - Report from the International League Against Epilepsy Task Force on Stigma in EpilepsyKwon, Churl-Su; Jacoby, Ann; Ali, Amza; Austin, Joan; Birbeck, Gretchen L.; Braga, Patricia; Cross, Helen; de Boer, Hanneke; Dua, Tarun; Fernandes, Paula T.; Fiest, Kirsten M.; Goldstein, Jonathan; Haut, Sheryl; Lorenzetti, Diane; Mifsud, Janet; Moshe, Solomon; Parko, Karen L.; Tripathi, Manjari; Wiebe, Samuel; Jette, Nathalie
2022Epilepsy-related stigma and attitudes : systematic review of screening instruments and interventions - Report by the International League Against Epilepsy Task Force on Stigma in EpilepsyAustin, Joan K.; Birbeck, Gretchen; Parko, Karen; Kwon, Churl-Su; Fernandes, Paula T.; Braga, Patricia; Fiest, Kirsten M.; Ali, Amza; Cross, J. Helen; de Boer, Hanneke; Dua, Tarun; Haut, Sheryl R.; Jacob, Ann; Lorenzetti, Diane L.; Mifsud, Janet; Moshé, Solomon L.; Tripathi, Manjari; Wiebe, Samuel; Jette, Nathalie
2022Knowledge gaps of medical and pharmacy students with respect to performance enhancing drugs in sport : a pilot studyMifsud, Daniela; Borg, Nicole; Testa, Louisa; Sammut, Fiona; Attard, Lucienne; Mifsud, Janet
2021-03Climate change and epilepsy : insights from clinical and basic science studiesGulcebi, Medine I.; Bartolini, Emanuele; Lee, Omay; Lisgaras, Christos Panagiotis; Onat, Filiz; Mifsud, Janet; Striano, Pasquale; Vezzani, Annamaria; Hildebrand, Michael S.; Jimenez-Jimenez, Diego; Junck, Larry; Lewis-Smith, David; Scheffer, Ingrid E.; Thijs, Roland D.; Zuberi, Sameer M.; Blenkinsop, Stephen; Fowler, Hayley J.; Foley, Aideen
2021Identification of geographic sites studying photosensitivitySpecchio, Nicola; Ferretti, Alessandro; Mifsud, Janet
2021Novel considerations on drug safety in epilepsyMifsud, Janet
2021Epilessia e odore : causa, avvertimento, sintomo o trattame una prospettiva bioetcaMifsud, Janet
2019-03The provision of epilepsy care across Europe 2017 : a 17‐year follow‐up surveyZelano, Johan; Klecki, Judith; Christensen, Jakob; Tomson, Torbjörn; Malmgren, Kristina; Mifsud, Janet; The ESBACE consortium collaborators
2019Big data in healthcare and the life sciencesMifsud, Janet; Gavrilovici, Cristina
2019Advancing research toward faster diagnosis, better treatment, and end of stigma in epilepsyPitkänen, Asla; Henshall, David C.; Cross, Helen; Guerrini, Renzo; Jozwiak, Sergiusz; Kokaia, Merab; Simonato, Michele; Sisodiya, Sanjay; Mifsud, Janet
2018-04Lay epilepsy organizations : the key for research funding?Mifsud, Janet; Brodie, Martin J.
2018-01Administering epilepsy rescue medication to children : why and why not?Mifsud, Janet
2018Overview of the European Medicines Agency's development of product-specific bioequivalence guidelinesO'Sullivan, Jane; Blake, Kevin; Berntgen, Michael; Salmonson, Tomas; Welink, Jan; Mifsud, Janet; Pharmacokinetics Working Party
2018Key learning outcomes for clinical pharmacology and therapeutics education in Europe : a modified Delphi studyBrinkman, David J.; Tichelaar, Jelle; Mokkink, Lidwine B.; Christiaens, Thierry; Likic, Robert; Maciulaitis, Romaldas; Costa, Joao; Sanz, Emilio J.; Maxwell, Simon R.; Richir, Milan C.; van Agtmael, Michiel A.; Mifsud, Janet
2017-12Modelling covariates which influence lamotrigine pharmacokinetics in paediatric patientsShabbi, H.; Soler, D.; Grech, G.; Saliba, C.; Duca, D.; Gabnar, I.; Mifsud, Janet
2017Using antiepileptic drugs in children : recent developments and recommendationsShabbi, Hana; Scerri, Anne Marie; Soler, Doriette M.; Mifsud, Janet
2017Ecstasy tablets : batch matching for forensic drug intelligence purposes in MaltaMifsud, Mario; Jickells, Sue; Mifsud, Janet; Wolff, Kim
2017Fostering responsible research with genome editing technologies : a European perspectiveChneiweiss, Hervé; Hirsch, François; Montoliu, Lluis; Müller, Albrecht M.; Fenet, Solveig; Abecassis, Marion; Merchant, Jennifer; Baertschi, Bernard; Botbol-baum, Mylène; Houghton, James A.; Kritikos, Mihalis; Mifsud, Janet; Bartnik, Ewa; Rath, Johannes; Druml, Christiane; Friedrich, Bärbel; Carvalho, Ana Sofia; Lanzerath, Dirk; Saint-raymond, Agnès
2017Medication adherence in the aging population : the role of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamicsMifsud, Janet
2015-12Prescribing Aeds in a pediatric neurology clinic in MaltaScerri, A. M.; Soler, D.; Calleja, N.; Mifsud, Janet
2015The effect of turmeric (curcumin) supplementation on cytokine and inflammatory marker responses following 2 hours of endurance cyclingSciberras, Joseph N.; Galloway, Stuart D. R.; Fenech, Anthony G.; Grech, Godfrey; Farrugia, Claude; Duca, Deborah; Mifsud, Janet
2015Pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenetics : bringing the magic bullet closer to realityMifsud, Janet; Maliepaard, Marc
2015Epilepsy priorities in Europe : a report of the ILAE-IBE Epilepsy Advocacy Europe Task ForceBaulac, Michel; de Boer, Hanneke; Elger, Christian; Glynn, Mike; Kälviäinen, Reetta; Little, Ann; Mifsud, Janet; Perucca, Emilio; Pitkänen, Asla; Ryvlin, Philippe
2014-07Interactions between valproate and olanzapine/quetiapine in bipolar disorderVella, Thomas; Mifsud, Janet
2014-07Pain management in lower limb major amputationBellizzi, M.; Cassar, K.; Mifsud, Janet
2014-07Doping in sport : assessing knowledge among health care professionalsCardona, P.; Mifsud, Janet
2014-06Using the stigma scale of epilepsy (sse) to assess effectiveness of an epilepsy inservice programme for educatorsMifsud, Janet; Dimech, V.
2014-01Interactions between valproic acid and quetiapine/olanzapine in the treatment of bipolar disorder and the role of therapeutic drug monitoringVella, Thomas; Mifsud, Janet
2014Gender differences in epilepsy : perceived or real?Mifsud, Janet
2014The administration of rescue medication to children with prolonged acute convulsive seizures in a non-hospital setting : an exploratory survey of healthcare professionals' perspectivesArzimanoglou, Alexis; Lagae, Lieven; Cross, J. Helen; Beghi, Ettore; Mifsud, Janet; Bennett, Christine; Schmidt, Dieter; Wait, Suzanne; Harvey, Gordon
2013-09Guidelines on the management of prolonged acute convulsive seizures in out-of-hospital settings : a gap to be filledLagae, L.; Arzimanoglou, A.; Beghi, E.; Bennett, C.; Cross, H. J.; Mifsud, Janet; Schmidt, D.; Wait, S.; Harvey, G.
2013-06Stigma in epilepsy : an international perspectiveJette, N.; Ali, A.; Austin, J. K.; Birbeck, G. L.; de Boer, H.; Braga, P.; Cross, J. H.; Dua, T.; Fernandes, P. T.; Lorenzetti, D. L.; Mifsud, Janet; Moshe, S.; Parko, K.; Tripathi, M.; Vautour, M.; Wiebe, S.; Jacoby, A.
2013-06Antipsychotics and Aeds : therapeutic drug monitoring in a mental health care settingMifsud, Janet; Vella, T.; Ellul-Micallef, Roger
2013-01The administration of rescue medication to children with prolonged acute convulsive seizures in the community : what happens in practice?Wait, Suzanne; Lagae, Lieven; Arzimanoglou, Alexis; Beghi, Ettore; Bennett, Christine; Cross, J. Helen; Mifsud, Janet; Schmidt, Dieter; Harvey, Gordon
2013Are we failing to provide adequate rescue medication to children at risk of prolonged convulsive seizures in schools?Cross, J. Helen; Wait, Suzanne; Arzimanoglou, Alexis; Beghi, Ettore; Bennett, Christine; Lagae, Lieven; Mifsud, Janet; Schmidt, Dieter; Harvey, Gordon
2013COST : matchmaking for researchersMifsud, Janet; Bellia, Claire
2013National strategy for health research and innovationLapira, Alec; Sammut, Nicholas; Scerri, Christian A.; Cordina, Gordon; Mifsud, Janet; Cassingena Harper, Jennifer; Saliba Scerri, Ramona; Castillo, Nadine
2012-07A novel chiral GC/MS method for the analysis of fluoxetine and norfluoxetine enantiomers in biological fluidsMifsud, Janet; Sghendo, Lino
2012-03The effects of antiepileptic drugs in relation to dentistryMifsud, Janet
2012Understanding the molecular pharmacology of the serotonergic system : using fluoxetine as a modelSghendo, Lino; Mifsud, Janet
2012The written declaration on epilepsy : an important achievement for Europe and beyondBaulac, Michel; Boer, Hanneke de; Elger, Christian; Glynn, Mike; Kälviäinen, Reetta; Little, Ann; Mifsud, Janet; Perucca, Emilio; Pitkänen, Asla
2011Abuse of OTC and prescribed drugs : popping pills for thrills?Mifsud, Janet
2011Drug doping in sports : an overview and recommendations for the Maltese contextMifsud, Janet; Attard, David; Attard, Lucienne
2011Klinická farmakologie na Maltě se představujePetr, Petr; Mifsud, Janet
2011Facing the challenges : MaltaMifsud, Janet
2010PrimidoneMifsud, Janet
2010P10-drugs for half the world : paediatric clinical pharmacology using Adapt® in paediatric patients : pharmacokinetic modelling for LamotrigineMifsud, Janet; Soler, D.; Shabbi, H.
2010Phenobarbital and other barbituratesMifsud, Janet
2009-12A novel allele in a familial case of idiopathic epilepsy in a small island stateMifsud, Janet; Cassar, M.
2009An analysis of gender differences in self-reported heaith, use of medicines and access to information sources about medicines among adolescentsDarmanin Ellul, Rita; Cordina, Maria; Buhagiar, Anton; Fenech, Anthony G.; Mifsud, Janet
2009The clinical relevance of pharmacokinetics and drug interactions with anti epileptic drugsMifsud, Janet
2009Pregnancy and birth outcomes in females of child bearing age in MaltaMifsud, Janet; Camilleri, T.; Galea, Raymond P.
2009Research priorities in epilepsy for the next decade : a representative view of the European scientific community : summary of the ILAE Epilepsy Research Workshop, Brussels, 17-18 January 2008Baulac, Michel; Pitkänen, Asla; Mifsud, Janet; ILAE Commission on European Affairs Task Force
2008-12Concerns, coping behaviour and sense of coherence in parents of children with chronic illnessMifsud, Janet; Soler, D.; Cauchi, N.; Tanti Burlo, Elena
2008Health complaints and use of medicines among adolescents in MaltaDarmanin Ellul, Rita; Cordina, Maria; Buhagiar, Anton; Fenech, Anthony G.; Mifsud, Janet
2008Knowledge and sources of information about medicines among adolescents in MaltaDarmanin Ellul, Rita; Cordina, Maria; Buhagiar, Anton; Fenech, Anthony G.; Mifsud, Janet
2007A retrospective study of antiepileptic drug treatment in pregnancy and birth outcomes in Malta, a small island stateMifsud, Janet; Camilleri, T.; Galea, Raymond P.
2006-12The PAMs experience : an updateHezser, V.; Wehrs, V.; Mifsud, Janet; Dimech, V.; Bekes, J.; Czikora, G.; Sudbrock, H.; Pfafflin, M.
2006-12Therapeutic drug monitoring of lamotrigine in a paediatric populationMifsud, Janet; Shabbi, H.; Soler, D.
2006-09Modelling pharmacokinetics for antiepileptic drugs in paediatricsMifsud, Janet; Shabbi, H.; Soler, D.
2006-03The pharmacokinetics of the antiviral agents indicated in influenza : what are the clinical implications?Mifsud, Janet
2006-01Modelling pharmacokinetics for sparse lamotrigine data in paediatricsMifsud, Janet; Shabbi, Hana; Soler, Doriette
2005-09Epilepsy as a hidden disability : organising an in-service training course for educators in MaltaDimech, V.; Dimech, M.; Mifsud, Janet
2005-09Paediatric pharmacokinetic modelling for sparse Lamotrigine data using Adapt®Mifsud, Janet; Shabbi, H.; Soler, D.
2005Medication, recreational drugs and diving : a review of the effects of drugs in the hyperbaric environmentPace, Tamsin; Mifsud, Janet; Cali-Corleo, Ramiro; Fenech, Anthony G.; Ellul-Micallef, Roger
2005Chiral aspects of the human metabolism of ethosuximideMillership, Jeff S.; Mifsud, Janet; Galea, D.; McRoberts, W. C.; Hamilton, J. T. G.
2004-06Effect of antiepileptic drugs on in-vitro lymphocyte proliferation assaysMifsud, Janet; Gafa, M.; Micallef, M.; Debono, A. G.; Ellul-Micallef, Roger
2004The use of a non-sedating antihistamine in a hyperbaric environmentPace, Tamsin; Mifsud, Janet; Ellul-Micallef, Roger; Fenech, A.; Cali-Corleo, R.
2004Pulmonary uptake of chiral antiepileptic drugsSghendo, L.; Portelli, J.; Mifsud, Janet
2003Drugs and the athlete : what is the price for winning at any cost?Mifsud, Janet
2002-06A sensitive gas chromatographic/mass spectrometric method for the resolution and quantification of ethosuximide enantiomers in biological fluidsSghendo, Lino; Mifsud, Janet; Ellul-Micallef, Roger; Portelli, Joe; Millership, Jeff S.
2001-07Determination of immunological levels in patients with epilepsyGafa, M.; Mifsud, Janet; Micallef, M.; Galea Debono, A.; Ellul Micallef, Roger
2001Quantification of urinary excretion of ethosuximide enantiomers and their major metabolites in the ratMifsud, Janet; Millership, J. S.; Collier, P. S.; Morrow, R.; Hamilton, J. T. G.; McRoberts, W. C.
2001The pharmacokinetics of ethosuximide enantiomers in the ratMifsud, Janet; Collier, P. S.; Millership, J. S.
2000Out of the shadows : services for persons with epilepsy in MaltaMifsud, Janet
1999-02Therapeutic management with the newer antiepileptic drugs in MaltaMifsud, Janet; Buttigieg, A.; Debono, A. G.; Micallef, R. E.
1998-02Predictive value of kinetic software for PHT : an appraisal in the clinical settingMifsud, Janet; Cassar, Etienne
1998Creativity vs. serendipity : thinking skills in the sciencesMifsud, Janet
1997-10Integration of population kinetic software in clinical practice : an assessmentMifsud, Janet; Marshall, K.; Cassar, E.
1997-09Stereoselective pharmacology of chiral antiepileptic drugsMifsud, Janet; Collier, Paul S.; Millership, Jeff S.
1997-09Improving therapeutic outcomes : focus on chiral antiepileptic drugsMifsud, Janet; Millership, J. S.; Collier, P. S.
1996-01Stereoisomeric pharmacovigilance and racemic drugs in hospital formulariesMifsud, Janet
1994Chiral drugs : one drug or two? : Clinical pharmacology through the looking glass : reflections on the racemate vs enantiomer debateMifsud, Janet
1993-12The metabolism of ethosuximideMillership, Jeff S.; Mifsud, Janet; Collier, Paul S.

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