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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The attitudes of nurses working in a psychiatric setting towards complementary therapies in the treatment of anxietyBonnici, Charlene
2020Communicating mental health to University of Malta studentsAsciak, Emma
2017Examining the relationship between religious orientation, commitment, concept of God, and anxiety : a quantitative study amongst Maltese and Catholic University studentsBellizzi, Andrea
2008The experiences of patients having music during surgeryFarrugia, Nicola
2018How can mindfulness mitigate anxiety? : the journey of adults in Malta seeking relief from their inexorable mindBartoli, Gabrielle
2014Malta Journal of Health Sciences, Vol.1(1)Gatt, Daniela
2020Perceived stigma and related anxiety in adults diagnosed with epilepsy in MaltaCutajar, Christina (2020)
2008Preoperative anxiety prior to coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgeryGrech, Charlene
2014-04Psychophysiology of respiratory disease : clinical considerations for the advanced practice nurseMiller, Sarah; Owens, Laura; Collins, Tracy; Silverman, Erin
2021-01Tama Gdida 2 : Programmes 1-13Caritas, Malta; Borg, Eleanor
1999Test anxiety and attitudes among year 6 state school pupilsBezzina, Christienne; Gatt, Ritianne
1994Test anxiety, study habits and scholastic achievementDebattista, John (1994); Genovese, Mario (1994)
2017The transition from post-secondary education to tertiary educationAvellino, Simona
2019Visualising anxiety : mental health explored through the expression of moving imageMuscat, Hannah