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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Intractability of the inherent difficulties in the Israeli-Palestinian peace-processMateeva, Tanya (2006)
1959L-imhatra fuq il-BibbjaJamin, Ben
2008Laqgha internazzjonali tal-Gnus Maqghuda fuq il-kwistjoni tal-PalestinaChircop, Twanny
1971Legal aspects of air piracyMuscat Azzopardi, Godwin
2008The legal notion of the state with particular reference to Palestinian statehoodMuscat, Veronique
2017-12Managing security challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean areaCalleya, Stephen
2010Mediation in the 21st century : a case study of the Annapolis Peace ConferenceTabone, Chantelle (2010)
2004Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights : volume 8 : number 2Pappe, Ilan; Al Treiki, Hadeel; Zammit, David E.
2001The Middle East peace process : the history and prospects of the Oslo accordsElvatun, Knut (2001)
2021Naming PalestineDor, Tal
1959Naqra ta' MuzewElsie
2002Norway and the Middle East peace process : past involvement, mediation efforts, outcomeHayatla, Mutasem (2002)
2004The Palestinian - Israeli Conflict : towards a possible solutionCassar, Mario (2004)
2003The Palestinian authority responsibility for human rights and the rule of law in its controlled areas (1994-2000)Kayyal, Suzan (2003)
2010Palestinians, education, and the Israeli “industry of fear”Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Nadera
2011-07Paying tribute to Professor Guido de MarcoKhader, Bichara
2015Regional water cooperation in the Arab – Israeli conflict : a case study of the West BankBoer, Lutine Frijda de
2004A secular overview from a bystanderMercieca, Simon
2001Security of Israel and Arab human rightsMahmoud, Maher (2001)
2019The shift of policy in Malta on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict between 1964 and 1981Xicluna, Melissa