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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008A conflict resolution analysis applied to the Israeli-Palestinian conflictScicluna, Mariella (2008)
2013A decade of Malta-Palestine relations, 1999-2009 : insights for policy-makersScicluna, Aaron
2014Economic implications of the Israeli-palestinian conflict on Egypt : case study : aid and cross-border tradeSkoblikov, Dmitry
2013Editorjal : "final status agreement" fl-Art ImqaddsaChircop, Twanny
2017Editorjal : 50 sena mill-Gwerra tas-Sitt IjiemChircop, Twanny
2020Editorjal : fruntieri dejjem jinbidluChircop, Twanny
2013Editorjal : ilma jaghli fil-Lvant NofsaniChircop, Twanny
2008Editorjal : Israel 60 sena. U l-Palestina?Chircop, Twanny
2018Editorjal : Israel stat LhudiChircop, Twanny
2012Editorjal : Israel u l-Vatikan. F'hiex wasalna?Chircop, Twanny
2014Editorjal : it-tielet intifada?Chircop, Twanny
2019Editorjal : l-art bejn ix-Xmara Gordan u l-MediterranChircop, Twanny
2012Editorjal : l-Art Imqaddsa fis-SirjaChircop, Twanny
2009Editorjal : min hu r-rebbieh fil-gwerra?Chircop, Twanny
2010Editorjal : negozjati u politika fl-Art ImqaddsaChircop, Twanny
2003Editorjal : Premju Nobel tal-paci ghall-patrijiet u s-sorijiet ta' Betlehem?Chircop, Twanny
2011Editorjal : Stat ghall-Palestinjani?Chircop, Twanny
2013Editorjal : tama ghal paci dejjiema fl-art imqaddsaChircop, Twanny
2017The effects of the Israeli settlements on the two state solution : hindering the establishment of the Palestinian stateZahwa, El Kodwa
2006The effects of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict on womenAl-Arja, Rana (2006)