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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Of doorways and gatesThake, Conrad
2012Outward versus inward orientation of island capitals : the case of VallettaSmith, Andrew; Ebejer, John
1987P.F.A. in concretePsaila, David (1987)
2011Parametric integrated design process : attempt at solving Malta's 'loss of architecture'Xuereb Conti, Zack (2011)
2013A parametric study of the stability of a vertical cut close to a third party wall foundationBaldacchino, Fabrizio (2013)
1990Past and modern trends in Maltese landscapingCilia, Mario (1990)
1995The performance of wall ties within globigerina limestone cavity wallsScerri, Edward (1995)
1987The planning and constructional principles in Maltese prehistoric architectureChircop, M. (1987)
1979The planning, building and adaptability of industrial buildingsDebattista, Emanuel (1979)
1971Police Headquarters : thesis project reportCassar, V (1971)
2009Polishing as a surface finish to concreteSammut, Katya Marie (2009)
2010Polypropylene fibre reinforced cement cladding panels : an investigationBianco, Stephanie (2010)
1992Postmodernity and Malta : the architectural context of Malta in postmodern timesVella, Godwin (1992)
1993Preservation by documentationSant, Simeron (1993)
2003Primary school design : the psychological impact on usersSciberras, Faye (2003)
1973The problems of urban renewalAquilina, Godwin (1973)
1993The production of high strength concrete in MaltaColeiro, Fleur (1993)
2003Public space design and its impact on social activity and relationships : residential streetsAnastasi, Sarah (2003)
1971Radio and television centreFenech, A. (1971)
1971Radio and television centre : thesis project, 1970-71 reportCassar, G. (1971)