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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Enron as the marking point in the chronology of corporate governance regulationCaruana, Erika
2015The extent to which changing trends in key financial ratios of local SMEs can serve as an early warning sign for distressPortelli, Ranald
2021The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on key indicators of personnel security : a study with neural network technologiesMartyniuk, Volodymyr; Tsygylyk, Natalia; Skowron, Stanisław
2019Impact of the global recession on financial and economic sustainability of industrial companiesKhudyakova, Tatyana A.; Shmidt, Andrey V.
2013The law applicable to proprietary issues relating to intermediated securitiesMifsud Bonnici, Clement
2017The law of ranking : are all creditors on an equal footing?Cassar, Nicole
2013Legal issues in corporate debt restructuringCaruana Scicluna, Andrew
2021The ‘pari passu’ asset distribution mechanism and its practical application within a winding up scenarioFilletti, Tiziana
1999Portents of failure within small local businesses : an analysis of the prevalence and applicability of foreign : researched causes of business failureBorg, Christopher (1999)
2017Postponement of bankruptcy and issuance of over-indebtedness balance sheetGokgoz, Ahmet
2013Procedures for the adjudication of company insolvency : selected issuesFarrugia, David (2013)
2017Profiles for predicting financial distress using company final accountsVella, Vanessa
2009The ranking of creditors in corporate insolvencyMuscat, Matthew
2005Set-off as a mode of extinction of obligationsBrincat, Roberta
2016Small and medium-sized enterprizes : opportunities and challengesMares, David; Dlaskova, Gabriela
1986Socio-legal problems of bankruptcy lawHayman, John Patrick