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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on key indicators of personnel security : a study with neural network technologiesMartyniuk, Volodymyr; Tsygylyk, Natalia; Skowron, Stanisław
2019Impact of the global recession on financial and economic sustainability of industrial companiesKhudyakova, Tatyana A.; Shmidt, Andrey V.
2013The law applicable to proprietary issues relating to intermediated securitiesMifsud Bonnici, Clement
2017The law of ranking : are all creditors on an equal footing?Cassar, Nicole
2013Legal issues in corporate debt restructuringCaruana Scicluna, Andrew
2021The ‘pari passu’ asset distribution mechanism and its practical application within a winding up scenarioFilletti, Tiziana
1999Portents of failure within small local businesses : an analysis of the prevalence and applicability of foreign : researched causes of business failureBorg, Christopher (1999)
2017Postponement of bankruptcy and issuance of over-indebtedness balance sheetGokgoz, Ahmet
2013Procedures for the adjudication of company insolvency : selected issuesFarrugia, David (2013)
2017Profiles for predicting financial distress using company final accountsVella, Vanessa
2009The ranking of creditors in corporate insolvencyMuscat, Matthew
2005Set-off as a mode of extinction of obligationsBrincat, Roberta
2016Small and medium-sized enterprizes : opportunities and challengesMares, David; Dlaskova, Gabriela
1986Socio-legal problems of bankruptcy lawHayman, John Patrick