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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Civil responsibility for damage caused via distributed ledger technologySeguna, Annalise (2020)
2019Cryptocurrencies and beyond : crime and the i-gaming industryGerada, Jade Ann
2018Cryptocurrency : the Maltese financial services industry’s perspectiveParnis, Mitch
2019Disruption in banking due to emerging technologies : an analysisCamilleri, Claudia
2021The effect of fintech companies on the local financial services industry in the Maltese islandsCamilleri, Luke (2021)
2018An evaluation of the introduction of blockchain within the public sector for smart contractsAquilina, Michael
2018Healthcare advancements in Malta for 2019Ellul, Ian C.
2019The impact of blockchain technology on financial services : analysing the Maltese perspectiveMamo Drury, Gabriel John (2019)
2019The impact of blockchain technology on Maltese audits : local auditors’ perceptionsAttard, Nicola
2018The importance of blockchain including cryptocurrencies to the further development of the remote gaming industryMifsud, Zachary
2021Investigating the application of blockchain in iGaming accounting procedures : a studyPortelli, Nichola (2021)
2020Investigating the migration of information systems to decentralised environments : a digital health use caseBezzina, Karl (2020)
2018An investigative review on the applicability of blockchain on the Maltese financial industrySammut Mock, Nathan
2018Is cryptocurrency a technological disruptor? : a study on how cryptocurrency can affect the Maltese financial sectorMizzi, Sarah
2020The legal enforceability of smart contracts under Maltese lawMugliett, Andrea (2020)
2018Perceptions that local ICT personnel working within the local public sector and local private sector have on cybersecurityScicluna, Bjorn
2019Smart contracts : changing the way SMEs conduct businessCamilleri, Rudolf
2019A study about the potential use of Blockchain technology in the Maltese healthcare systemTestone, Antonio Roberto
2020The tax implications of distributed ledger technology assets and transactionsAbela, Julian
2020Understanding smart contracts : an analysis of their nature, effects and enforcement in terms of the Maltese civil codeBorg, Christine (2020)