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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The lived experience of professionals working with children who were subjected to abuseCamilleri, Kelsey Nicole
2016The lived experiences of professionals working with child abuse in MaltaGrech, Caroline
1997Mothers of sexually abused children : identifying needs and providing supportSchiavone, Marthese (1997)
2018Munchausen's by proxy : a study conducted within a local contextChurch, Conner
1999Nurses' perceptions of child abuseBruno, Joanna
2005Out of the frying pan into the fire : child abuse as a possible contributory factor leading to substance abuse problems later in lifeCamilleri, Brian (2005)
2008Paedophilia and child sexual abuse in MaltaFarrugia, Lucienne (2008)
2004The parent perpetrator : what lies beneath?Borg, Elena (2004)
2004Parenting practices and their influences on self-esteem and emotional abuse : the healing professionals' perceptionDarmanin, Melanie (2004)
1991Perspectives in child abuseBorg, Peter Paul (1991)
2006Play techniques as a social work interventionSaliba, Andrea (2006)
1999Policies and procedures for prevention and dealing with cases of child sexual abuse for children in careMagro, Bryan (1999)
2008Protecting youth : policy implications for youth organisationsBonavia, Caroline Anne (2008)
2008Protecting youth : policy implications for youth organisationsBonavia, Caroline Anne
2008Securing the safety and well-being of neglected children within the family and community contextGauci, Luana (2008)
2013Sexting : analysing the Maltese response to an emerging crimeArmeni, Crista
2003Social work and child abuse in the Maltese family division of the Civil CourtSaid, Angie (2003)
1999The social worker's role in the prevention of child abuseCachia, Sonia (1999)
1998The social worker's role with the emotionally abused childQuattromani, Martha (1998)
2007Social workers' perception : the effectiveness of intervention and care orders on sexually abused children in the local contextCamilleri Galea, Stephanie (2007)