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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Parentage and human rights : the child's point of viewFarrugia, Ruth
2021Promoting the interests of minors under foster careBezzina, Ivana Mariah (2021)
2018Pursuit of the truth repudiation : through the eyes of the childAxiaq, Giselle
2020-09Raising expectations for childrenBonello, Charmaine
1988Responsibility for the acts of the minor under the law of tort : a comparative studySciberras, Marica
2003Return or refusal to return abducted children under the Child Abduction and Custody Act, 1999Stivala, Daniela Maria
2018The right of minors with Type 1 diabetes to participate in medical decision-makingZarb, Jessica
2005The right to special protection and assistance, and alternative careMifsud, Katya
2021The rights of adolescent patients in MaltaAzzopardi, Mariella (2021)
1996The rights of children in schoolsGalea, Sharon (1996)
2016Sexual and lewd acts involving minors : suggested amendments to the criminal codeZammit Fiorentino, Maria Margo
2012Study 1 : considering the effects of institutional placements on children under 5Abela, Angela; Abdilla, Nadya; Abela, Claire; Camilleri, Juan; Mercieca, Daniel; Mercieca, Graziella
2014-07Study on children’s involvement in judicial proceedings : contextual overview for civil justice : Malta, July 2014European Commission. Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers; Psaila, Emma
2014Study on children’s involvement in judicial proceedings : contextual overview for the criminal justice phase : Malta, June 2013European Commission. Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers; Psaila, Emma
2012-12Submissions to the Committee on the rights of the child (consideration of State Reports - Malta)Aditus Foundation; JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service, Malta); Malta Gay Rights Movement (MGRM); Equal Partners Foundation; Federazzjoni Maltija ta’ Organizzazzjonijiet Persuni b’Diżabilità
1953A survey of the history of child welfare with a brief study of the problem of child welfare in the Maltese IslandsCassar, Lawrence (1953)
1992Teachers' attitudes towards children's rights : a theoretical and empirical studyDebono, Maris; Duca, Rose
2019Terminating parental rights of rapists : towards stronger legal protection for rape victims and children conceived through rapeSammut, Kezia Althea
1999The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) : a Maltese perspective.Borg, Jacqueline
2020The voice of the minor in court proceedings : a comparative study of the role of the child advocateGalea, Amber (2020)