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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effect of human movement on the body coupled communications channel in body area networksAttard, Simon; Zammit, Saviour
2012An empirical investigation of the capacitive Body Coupled Communications channel for Body Area NetworksAttard, Simon; Zammit, Saviour
2006EUMEDGRID : grid computing in Malta and the MediterraneanVella, Kevin; Sultana, Robert; Cushing, Reggie; Ruggieri, Federico; Barbera, Roberto; Prnjat, Ognjen; Tanlongo, Federica; Andronico, Giuseppe; Karayannis, Fotis
2011Infrastructure-dependent wireless multicast over 802.11n WLANVella, Jean-Marie; Zammit, Saviour
2020Live streaming in a hybrid CDN-P2P architectureMuscat, Nicholas
2005Low-latency inter-thread communication over gigabit ethernetFenech, Keith (2005)
2006MLRS : a resource server for the Maltese languageRosner, Mike; Fabri, Ray; Attard, Duncan; Gatt, Albert
2001Multiple model adaptive estimation for multiuser detection in CDMA communicationJaward, M.H.; Kadirkamanathan, Visakan; Fabri, Simon G.
2014Networks of networks : the last frontier of complexity-a book reviewFerreira, Manuel Alberto M.
1995An occam style communications system for UNIX networksVella, Kevin
2001PODS : location spaces in action calculiFrancalanza, Adrian (2001)
2003Publishing on the WWW : part 9 : video codecs and decompressorsGrech, Victor E.
2013Shifting niches for community structure detectionGrappiolo, Corrado; Togelius, Julian; Yannakakis, Georgios N.
2003A summary of research in system software and concurrency at the University of Malta : I/O and communicationCordina, Joseph
2016Threat analysis of ‘Virtual Host Confusion’ on TLSBonnici, Kyle