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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The cabinet of Malta : making a case for technocratic appointmentsAttard, Daniel John
2019-07-18Checking Malta’s powerful Prime Minster through constitutional reformsBriguglio, Michael
2016Commissions and authority established by the constitution, difficulties related to composition, court scrutiny and reformBonello, David
1988A comparative study of electoral systemsDingli, Adrian
1975A comparative study of unlawful assembly and the right to freedom of association in the light of the Maltese ConstitutionGonzi, Lawrence
n.d.The concept of inhuman and degrading treatmentDingli, Michel A.
2009The constitutional and legal relationship between the broadcasting authority and the Maltese public broadcasterVassallo, Mark
1973Constitutional change and the Maltese constitutionSceberras Trigona, Alexander
1999The constitutional implications of Act XXIII of 1979Gatt, Nerissa
1999The constitutional implications of party organization and party financeDebono, Franco
2018Constitutional issues surrounding the Industrial Tribunal, Malta : past, present and futureCamilleri, Cristina
2015The constitutional role of a member of parliament in MaltaAzzopardi, Nicholas
2016Constitutional supremacy and parliamentary sovereigntyHerrera, Martina
2015The ‘corrective mechanism’ in the Maltese electoral law : a constitutional misnomer?Camilleri, Charlene
2002Criminal amendments 2000 affecting the Attorney General and the Criminal CourtsBorg Myatt, Duncan
2014A critical appraisal of the Embryo Protection Act with regard to the offering of IVFAbela, Stephanie
2014Dispute resolution under the condominium act with particular emphasis on the constitutionality of mandatory arbitrationZammit, Keith
1977The doctrine of the separation of powers : a comparative studyCefai, Emmanuel
2014The doctrines of collective and individual ministerial responsibility revisitedSacco, Terence
2013From monarchy to republic : the constitutional reforms of 1974Galea, Matteos