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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Rationale behind different age requirements to enter casinos in Malta and their compatibility with Article 45 of the Maltese ConstitutionBonello, Emerson
1944Re-establishment of self-governmentBorg, George
2017The relevance of the neutrality clause of the Maltese Constitution after the fall of the Berlin wall and in light of a new cold warSpiteri, Jessica
2019Revisiting separation of powers and the rule of law in Malta : is there the need for a reform of the Constitution?Grech, Tyrone
2017The right to a fair trial : the nature of a court as opposed to a tribunal in the context of the European Court of Human rights and the Maltese ConstitutionGatt, Kirsten
2016The right to fair trial in the Constitution of Malta and European Convention of Human Rights : a comparative analysis of wording and interpretationXerri, Vicyana
2020The rule of law and the separation of powers in the Maltese legal system : an analytical and comparative review in light of the Venice Commission opinion no. 940/2018Alessandro, Matteo (2020)
2019The second republic : a green oneBrincat, Ethan
2020The size of the Maltese legislature : a critical and comparative analysisCamilleri, Andrew (2020)
2017The supremacy of the Constitution of Malta in relation to the European Union : is supremacy just a mere appearance?Magro, Hendrick Nicholas
1991The Swiss experience with neutrality and its relevance for MaltaKappeler, Dietrich
2018Tmiem il-Kolonjalizmu f'Malta (15) : programs 1-18Pirotta, Joe; Borg, Fr Joe