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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The benefits of the European Capital of culture in the host city : a comparison between Liverpool and RigaMuscat, Leo (2017)
2017Bringing a city to life : a unique event in the victorious cityFiteni, Maria
2007Comparison of the role of a radiographer in St. Lukes Hospital, Malta and Agakhan Hospital, Kenya.Umi Twalib, Ali Khamis
1995Concluding addressTabone, Anton
2000Conform to uniform?Tonna, Deborah (2000)
1994The contents of tradition and the discontents of cultureFarrugia, Edward G.
2003The contested universality of human rights and the invocation of cultural identity in EgyptFadel Kirios, Marian (2003)
2005Cultura e civiltà mediterranee negli scrittori moderni e contemporanei sicilianiDebono, Angela (2005)
2009Cultural differences in DVD front cover design across region 1 (US) and region 2 (UK)Grech, Rebecca (2009)
2020Cultural omnivorous, univorous or simply disinterested? : cultural participation amongst tertiary educated youthsDebattista, Natalia
2016-10Cultural regeneration through urban spaces and placesDuca, Edward
2018Cultural tourism in a digital era first international conference IACuDiT, Athens, 2014 - a book reviewFerreira, Manuel Alberto M.
2015Cultural transformations of the concept of transformation : Ovid and KafkaSacco, Jessica
2020Culture and entrepreneurship : a case study of East AsiaElias, Michael (2020)
2009Culture and the seaFsadni, Ranier
2012-06Culture: Visible, Virtual, VisceralDuca, Edward
2006"Cyprus : a kaleidoscopic blend" : directing a documentaryHodgson, Wendy (2006)
1989Dahla : L-identita` kulturali ta’ MaltaGovernment of Malta. Department of Information; Mifsud Bonnici, Ugo
2010Democracy and cultural rights in the European UnionRatulea, Gabriela
1999Educazione culturale : progetto didattico sulla comunicazione telematicaVella, Mandy (1999)