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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Analysis of sustainable development in Malta using a multi-criteria modelPace, Elaine A.
2015Anatomy of the “economic miracle”Arkhipov, Alexey Y.; Yerznkyan, Bagrat H.; Martishin, E. M.
2007Aspects of social life in Valletta 1813-1854Vassallo, Matthew (2007)
2018Behavioural economics and small states : a focus on social preferencesBriguglio, Marie; Spiteri, Jonathan
2020Challenges of Poland's migration policy from the perspective of the experiences of selected European Union CountriesSolga, Brygida; Tereszkiewicz, Filip
2019Combined modeling of projected evaluation of the regional socio-economic developmentDavnis, V. V.; Tinyakova, Viktoria I.; Blinov, A. O.; Volodin, Y. V.
1993A comparative evaluation of the socio-economic characteristics of the elderly in Malta : implications for social policyDelia, Carmen (1993)
2018Competitiveness enhancement of international financial centresSolovjova, Irina; Rupeika-Apoga, Ramona; Romanova, Inna
2016A cross country assessment of the determinants of wellbeing : a focus on islands and small statesCamilleri, Jessica
2019The demand for European integration : an identity economics approachMangion, André
2019Design of a socio-economic processes monitoring system based on network analysis and big dataPolyakova, A. G.; Loginov, M. P.; Serebrennikova, A. I.; Thalassinos, Eleftherios
1973Dualismo tra concezioni economiche ed evoluzione giuridica e sociale della societa contemporaneePino, Guiseppe
2017Economic behavior of business entities, culture and institutions : specifics of their interrelations in conditions of neo-industrializationBiryukov, Vitaliy Vasilievich; Romanenko, Elena Vasilievna
2015Effectiveness of management of innovative activities in regional socio-economic systemsStroeva, Olesya; Lyapina, Innara R.; Konobeeva, Elena E.; Konobeeva, Oksana E.
2004The effects of family literacy practices on a child's acquisition of literacy skillsCachia, Dorianne (2004)
2015Efficiency of public administration and economic growth in Russia : empirical analysisKalinina, Alla; Petrova, Elena; Buyanova, Marina
2016Embodiment and visual impairment : economic considerations and the social construction of blindnessSavvakis, Manos; Alexias, Giorgos; Koutra, Lina
2014Estimating the relationship between rate of time preferences and socio-economic factors in RussiaKossova, Tatiana; Kossova, Elena; Sheluntcova, Maria
1992European values study in MaltaAbela, Anthony
2019Factors and conditions of functioning and development of modern regional socio-economic systemsZimakova, I. V.; Kalashnikov, A. N.; Kretsu, S. I.; Kurillo, A. V.