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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1976The landed property of the Inquisition in Malta in the late XVIII centuryCiappara, Frans
2014The major outcomes of the perseus and biodivalue projectsDeidun, Alan
2002The Maltese middle classes, 1880-1940Brincat, Violet (2002)
2020-06-21Oliver Agius (8.12.1910-31.5.1982)Mangion, Ray
2015Problems and perspectives of formation of agricultural clusters for increasing food security of developing countriesPopkova, Elena G.; Litvinova, Tatiana N.; Saveleva, Nelli; Sarakhmanova, V.; Popova, Tatiana D.; Mayer, Sergei
2017The rationale for increasing the theoretical understanding on the basic concepts of economic theoryVasilyev, Evgenij Petrovich; Filimonenko, Irina Vladimirovna; Likhacheva, Tatyana Petrovna; Rouiga, Irina Rudolfovna
2018A regional system to forecast the social-economic development : the case of the RF regionsKhusainova, Svetlana Vasilievna; Bakhvalov, Sergey Yurevich
2017The sharing economy : analysing the hype versus the paradigm change in tourism : a case study within the Maltese populationBorg, Estelle
2015Socio-economic role of service : sector small business in sustainable development of the Russian economyRudenko, Lyudmila; Zaitseva, Natalia; Larionova, Anna; Chudnovskiy, Alex; Vinogradova, Marina
1958Some aspects of economics in the light of present international cooperationFiorentini, Bianca
1990Students at the University of Malta : origins and orientationsSchembri, Carmelo (1990)
2018Towards a society with a more fair economy or an economy with a more social face : the contribution of scientific social knowledge to the alternative models of socioeconomic development - a book reviewFerreira, Manuel Alberto M.