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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11-22Ceremony 4 : academic orationSultana, Mark
1988The challenge of critical educationSultana, Ronald G.
2010Contents and notes on contributors-
2014A critique of the primary curriculum from a Deweyan perspectiveCalleja de Celis, Isabelle
2015Cultural hegemony today. From cultural studies to critical pedagogyCortes-Ramirez, Eugenio-Enrique
1998Democratic education in primary schools as a preparation for democratic citizenshipCilia, Sharon (1998)
2017Dialogue of cultures : concept in Russian humanitiesMasalova, Olga A.; Akhmetova, Albina R.; Timofeeva, Lyudmila S.; Galimzyanova, Liliya R.
2016Education and training, knowledge production, and colonial difference. A perspective from inside EuropeForster, Edgar
1988Education put to the question : education and man's destinyBezzina, Christopher
2010ForewordPeters, Michael A.
1990The hope of radical education : a conversation with Henry GirouxGiroux, Henry
2019How do hopeful teachers try to ensure an inclusive quality education for all? : a comparative case study of teachers in state, church, and independent secondary schools in MaltaMicallef, Deborah
2013An insight on the Maltese educational system: a deweyan perspectiveBorg, Klara Marie
2010Introduction: Antonio Gramsci and educational thoughtMayo, Peter
2013John Dewey in relation to the PSD : assumptions, tensions and conflictsMuscat, Claire Marie
2015Marxist historiography in the history of education : from colonial to neocolonial schooling in the United StatesMalott, Curry; Orelus, Pierre
2017Neoliberalism, globalization agendas and banking educational policy : is popular education an answer?Torres, Carlos Alberto
2016Parental engagement during the ‘Caqlaq!’ 2 campaign : a summative analytic report of a non-formal adult educational initiativeBrown, Maria
1992Philosophical foundations for a critical educational science : an interview with Wilfred CarrFarrugia, Charles
2013'Reading' primary school teachers' narratives in the light of Nigel Tubbs's models of the teacherGiacomotto, Keith Patrick