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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The legal regime regulating the passage of tankers, nuclear-powered ships, and ships carrying nuclear or other inherently dangerous or noxious substances near coastal areas of small-island statesMallia, Peter Paul
2003The liberalisation of the electricity market in the European Union and the current developments in Malta.Agius, Franco
2019The limits of loyaltyVassallo, Raphael
2002Nitrate and nitrite in water.Gauci, Duncan
2021The organizational conditions impacting on employees’ perception of counter-ecological behaviorsSzeliga-Duchnowska, Anna
2003The polluter pays principle : the legal aspects and implicationsVassallo, Lycia
2001Prevention of pollution of the sea by transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposals : a Maltese/Mediterranean perspectiveDebono, Augustus
2003Proposed landfills in Malta : effectsAttard, Stephen
2003The protection of the environment as a human rightPorter, Tracy (2003)
2004The protection of the human environment : water as a human rightGass, Naima (2004)
1996Putting principles into practices : sustainable tourism in small island statesLeal Filho, Walter
2010Re-siting of a landfill.Scicluna, Jean Paul
1997Recycling of plastic waste.Zerafa, Brian Karl
1999The regulation of international navigation for the purposes of environmental protectionSammut, Sarah
2004The regulation of noise pollution in the European Union : a Maltese perspectiveBorg, Kenneth (2004)
2011Ricerka fl-edukazzjoni ambjentali : programs 1-17Pace, Paul J.
2022Seven lessons from the BCRSBriguglio, Marie
2004Shades of Green : programs 1-17Pace, Paul J.; Camilleri, Vanessa
1998State/power : hiltonopolyBriguglio, Michael;
2021Suburbanisation of the rural areas and the implementation of local authorities' own responsibilities : needs and challengesZrobek-Rozańska, Alina; Zrobek-Sokolnik, Anna; Lizinska, Wieslawa