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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003The polluter pays principle : the legal aspects and implicationsVassallo, Lycia
2001Prevention of pollution of the sea by transboundary movements of hazardous wastes and their disposals : a Maltese/Mediterranean perspectiveDebono, Augustus
2003Proposed landfills in Malta : effectsAttard, Stephen
2003The protection of the environment as a human rightPorter, Tracy (2003)
2004The protection of the human environment : water as a human rightGass, Naima (2004)
1996Putting principles into practices : sustainable tourism in small island statesLeal Filho, Walter
2010Re-siting of a landfill.Scicluna, Jean Paul
1997Recycling of plastic waste.Zerafa, Brian Karl
1999The regulation of international navigation for the purposes of environmental protectionSammut, Sarah
2004The regulation of noise pollution in the European Union : a Maltese perspectiveBorg, Kenneth (2004)
2011Ricerka fl-edukazzjoni ambjentali : programs 1-17Pace, Paul J.
2004Shades of Green : programs 1-17Pace, Paul J.; Camilleri, Vanessa
1998State/power : hiltonopolyBriguglio, Michael;
2021Suburbanisation of the rural areas and the implementation of local authorities' own responsibilities : needs and challengesZrobek-RozaƄska, Alina; Zrobek-Sokolnik, Anna; Lizinska, Wieslawa
1996Sustainability and tourism : reflections from a muddy poolHarrison, David
1994-10What on earth is environmental economics?Briguglio, Marie
2015Youth attitudes towards the fun theory : how to implement and promote pro-environmental behaviourCamilleri, Jacob