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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Cleaning attendants : a study of their socio-economic statusAzzopardi, Juliet (2006)
2015Development of human rights in Malta with a particular focus on genderLaiviera, Renee (2015)
1993Equal Partners in Marriage Amendments to the Civil Code Regarding the FamilyMalta. Ministry for Home Affairs and Social Development
2007Equal pay and gender equality in the EU and Maltese lawMamo, Rachel Ann
2008Equality of opportunity in the Maltese educational system : myth or reality?Sqapi, Enida (2008)
2018The ‘F-word’ : feminism and gender equality perceptions across the Maltese islandsScerri, Karyn
2019Foreword [Centre for Labour Studies : Biennial Report : 2017-2018]Borg, Anna
2016Gender and sexualityCutajar, JosAnn; Baldacchino, Ruth; Murphy, Brenda; Naudi, Marceline
2009Gender differences in the Maltese labour marketBorg, Anna
2012Gender issues in advertisements : a semiotic analysis to determine whether the advertisements issued by the Government of Malta in 2006 and 2011 in The Times of Malta are gender equalVella, Samantha (2012)
2020Gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting in MaltaBorg, Anna
2019Gender mainstreaming in MaltaAzzopardi, Rose Marie
n.d.Gender mainstreaming in practice : factsheetNational Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
2017The gender pay gap in Malta and the EUBorg, Sephora (2017)
2005Gender policies in the Maltese public serviceAzzopardi, Raymond Francis (2005)
2007Gender related issues : relevant considerations in the determination of refugee status?Cilia Barbara, Marouska
2014Gendered mobility in Malta : influencing factors on travel choicesAttard, Maria; Bezzina, Frank
2007Implementing legislative measures and remedies to enhance a suitable balance between work and family lifeGalea, Krystle
2005Kummissjoni nazzjonali għall-promozzjoni ta’ l-ugwaljanza għall-irġiel u n-nisa : rapport annwali 2004National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE)
1995Kwalita`, faqar, assunzjonijietMiceli, Pauline