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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Credit default swaps : tools for risk management or speculation?Galea, Julian
2012The degree of integration of Malta's financial sector in the European internal market following EU accessionAbela, Gianfranco
2017Determinants of fiscal sustainability : establishing the role of economic fundamentals through a neo-classical growth modelling approachVella, Stephanie
2013Developing a valuation framework for an illiquid securityGruppetta, Steve (2013)
2013The development of audit fees in Malta : an analysisBorg, Justin
2017Development of the international monetary system conditions of globalizationEfremenko, Innessa Nikolaevna; Haabazoka, Lubinda; Larionov, Vladimir Alexandrovich
2010Developments in financial sector crisis management : a domestic and international perspectiveSpiteri, Jonathan C. (2010)
2013Does consumer buying behavior change during economic crisis?Sharma, Vinod; Sonwalkar, Jayant
2013Does Okun's law hold? : a comparative study between Malta and other selected EU countriesGrima, Marianne
2017The effect of the financial crisis on emerging markets. A comparative analysis of the stock market situation before and afterGrima, Simon; Caruana, Luca
2015The effects of the ECB’s balance sheet policies on inflation expectationsDegaetano, Isaac
2013An empirical analysis of income distribution : a panel data analysisGauci, Gianella
2017Empirical estimates of Okun’s law in MaltaMicallef, Brian
2012An empirical investigation into the possible determinants of the real gold priceDarmanin, Jude
2011The Eurozone sovereign debt crisis : an analysis of the Maltese economy's vulnerability to the financial contagionDiacono, Steven
2014Financial crises, causes and consequences : lessons learntZammit, Roderick
2010Financial crisis and accounting information : the need for corporate social responsibility in accounting professionAchim, Monica Violeta; Borlea, Nicolae Sorin; Breban, Ludovica
2020Foreign portfolio investments, exchange rates and capital openness : a panel data approachLindelwa Makoni, Patricia
2011The global financial crisis : a result of weak risk managementAgius, Maria (2011)
2009The global financial turmoil and small statesAntoniou, Andreas