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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Impact of the global recession on financial and economic sustainability of industrial companiesKhudyakova, Tatyana A.; Shmidt, Andrey V.
2014The impact of the liquidity management and leverage regulations enacted in the AIFMD and the CRD IV on the investment services industry in MaltaMeli, Ian
2014Implementing the CRD IV for banks : challenges for MaltaMifsud, Daniela
2014The importance of managing liquidity risk in the light of the current financial crisisBorg, Charlene
2011The international financial architecture and its development towards preventing future financial crisesFormosa, Shalane
2014The liquidity coverage ratio as recommended by the BIS : a study of its effects on financial servicesCutajar, Carl
2015The macro environment and financial stability in the banking industryDalmas, Jessica-Marie
2011Monetary policy responses to the global crisis : a comparative analysis of the ECB and the federal reserveAxisa, Martin
2015Multi-asset class investing performance during abnormal market declinesMansueto, Gabriel
2011The new European supervisory architecture : awareness and implementation in the Maltese financial industrySammut, Raissa
2010Perceptions on the impact of the financial crisis on impairment reviews of Maltese listed companiesCassar, Rachel
2013The philosophical debate around the subprime mortgage crisisPsaila, Mark (2013)
2020-04-12Post-COVID 19 scenariosDeidun, Alan
2017The property price bubble in Malta : what will happen?Bartolo, Vincent
2017Reconfiguration of financial system elements to restore economic growth : the system simplicity and transformation towards state-based and corporate-based typesAnureev, Sergey Vladimirovitch
2014Restoring investor confidence in the provision of investment servicesScicluna, Matthew
2012Risk aversion in the years following the economic crisisDarmanin, Matthew
2010The role of credit rating agencies in the wake of the 2008 financial crisisBonello, Andrea Luca
2013Short selling bans and restrictions : the regulators' response to the financial crisisPace, Caroline (2013)
2020-03-15Sometimes, a crisis can actually be helpful...Deidun, Alan