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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The effect of the financial crisis on emerging markets. A comparative analysis of the stock market situation before and afterGrima, Simon; Caruana, Luca
2015The effects of the ECB’s balance sheet policies on inflation expectationsDegaetano, Isaac
2013An empirical analysis of income distribution : a panel data analysisGauci, Gianella
2017Empirical estimates of Okun’s law in MaltaMicallef, Brian
2012An empirical investigation into the possible determinants of the real gold priceDarmanin, Jude
2011The Eurozone sovereign debt crisis : an analysis of the Maltese economy's vulnerability to the financial contagionDiacono, Steven
2014Financial crises, causes and consequences : lessons learntZammit, Roderick
2010Financial crisis and accounting information : the need for corporate social responsibility in accounting professionAchim, Monica Violeta; Borlea, Nicolae Sorin; Breban, Ludovica
2020Foreign portfolio investments, exchange rates and capital openness : a panel data approachLindelwa Makoni, Patricia
2011The global financial crisis : a result of weak risk managementAgius, Maria (2011)
2009The global financial turmoil and small statesAntoniou, Andreas
2020-03-29Hidden victims of COVID-19Deidun, Alan
2018Housing boom-bust cycles and asymmetric macroprudential policyGatt, William
2011How the 2007-2010 financial crisis impacted on bank lending : an analysis of how the recent financial crisis impacted inter-bank lending as well as bank lending to customersCaruana, Gabrielle
2017How the low interest rate environment affected financial decision-making in Malta : financial intermediaries and banks’ perspectiveBianchi, Jean-Karl
2015The impact of credit rating agencies and the newly imposed regulationsAgius Millo, Malcolm
2015The impact of stress testing result disclosure on participating banksBorg, Karla
2013The impact of the financial crises on EU bank regulation : a comparative evaluationCini, Inger
2014The impact of the financial turmoil on the local life insurance sectorCutajar, Mariel
2015The impact of the global financial crisis on the BRIC countries : a comparative analysisAbela, Lucia Marie