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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1963The back duty branch in the Malta inland revenue department.Micallef, Carmel, C. (1963)
1988Company tax planning under Maltese lawSpiteri, Patrick
1995The development of excise duty legislation in Malta in the light of European Union lawCini, Ivan Michael (1995)
2011The effect of fiscal drag on the Maltese economy : analysing the Maltese tax burden through tax wedge indicatorsFarrugia, John (2011)
2017Estimates of fiscal multipliers using MEDSEARapa, Noel
2007-10EUROMOD I-CUE feasibility study : Malta 2006 Tax-Benefit System’ as part of a project that involves the European Centre and the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER)Brinkworth, Maja Miljanic; Micallef, Frank; Vella, Kevin; Gravino, Daniel; Caruana, Etienne
2002An evaluation of the Maltese tax regime for collective investment schemesPortelli, Christopher (2002)
2015First annual report and statement of accounts 2015Malta Fiscal Advisory Council
2012Fiscal implications of petroleum exploitation : a Maltese perspectiveMuscat, Michael
1993The fiscal implications of the Malta International Business Activities Act : privileges and controlsGatt, Neville J.
1999Fiscal incentives offered to high net worth individualsSchranz, Suzanne (1999)
1989Fiscal incentives under the industrial development act 1988 : a critical reviewGalea, Rita (1989)
2003Fringe benefits rules : implementation, effects and possible improvementsWalker, Wendy (2003)
2015The impact of fiscal policy on economic growth an analysis for the Maltese islandsAbela, Ritlen
1993The impact of some new forms of fiscal legislation on Malta’s revenue structureBonnici, Rosanne
2003International double taxation relief : an evaluation of the credit and the exemption methods in the light of the Maltese contextMifsud, Paul (2003)
2003International tax considerations relevant for companies enjoying fiscal benefits under the BPABonnici, Sarah (2003)
2006Joining the Euro : the legal implications of Malta's adoption of the European single currencyMifsud Bonnici, Ken
2015The macroeconomic impact of the income tax reductions in MaltaGrech, Aaron George
2000Malta's direct tax regime in a global environment undergoing fiscal convergenceBugeja, Mariel (2000)