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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Assessing the correlation of creativity and foresight : a grounded theory-related approachSchwarzer, Martin (2009)
2020Assessment of trajectories of non-bankrupt and bankrupt enterprisesKorol, Tomasz
2020Biasedness of forecasts errors for intermittent demand dataDoszyn, Mariusz
2013Combining time series analysis and multi criteria decision making techniques for forecasting financial performance of banks in TurkeyÖnder, Emrah; Hepşen, Ali
2022Complexity analysis and forecasting of variations in cryptocurrency trading volume with support vector regression tuned by Bayesian optimization under different kernels : an empirical comparison from a large datasetLahmiri, Salim; Bekiros, Stelios; Bezzina, Frank
2022Cooperation and merger : forecasting the results of the amalgamation of selected higher education institutions in the context of a change in their effectiveness ratingPyra, Mariusz; Żurakowska-Sawa, Joanna
2020The dollar exchange rates in the covid-19 era : evidence from 5 currenciesPasiouras, Alexandros; Daglis, Theodoros
2011Forecasting Maltese inflation using ARIMA modelsCurmi, Jessica (2011)
2021Forecasting the cargo throughput for small and medium-sized ports : multi-stage approach with reference to the multi-port systemBernacki, Dariusz; Lis, Christian
2021Forecasting the unemployment rate : application of selected prediction methodsRokicki, Tomasz; Gostkowski, Michal
2011A futures business model for a progressive Jewish school in MelbourneZammit, Michael J. (2011)
2021Innovative development of the food sector in the republic of Belarus and Poland : status and current development trendsMickiewicz, Bartosz; Antonina, Efimenko; Ekaterina, Volkova
2020Narrow money demand in Indonesia and in other transitional economies – model selection and forecastingOsinska, Magdalena; Blazejowski, Marcin; Kufel, Pawel; Kufel, Tadeusz; Kwiatkowski, Jacek
2020Predictability in securities price formation : differences between developed and emerging marketsCamilleri, Silvio John; Vassallo, Semiramis; Bai, Ye
2014Predictive ability of three different estimates of “Cay” to excess stock returns : a comparative study for South Africa and USAEmara, Noha
2001Steps in forecasting with seasonal regression : a case study from the carbonated soft drink marketCaruana, Albert
2016The University of Malta in 2030 : a strategic foresight exerciseSpiteri, Michael (2016)