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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Combining time series analysis and multi criteria decision making techniques for forecasting financial performance of banks in TurkeyÖnder, Emrah; Hepşen, Ali
2022Complexity analysis and forecasting of variations in cryptocurrency trading volume with support vector regression tuned by Bayesian optimization under different kernels : an empirical comparison from a large datasetLahmiri, Salim; Bekiros, Stelios; Bezzina, Frank
2022Cooperation and merger : forecasting the results of the amalgamation of selected higher education institutions in the context of a change in their effectiveness ratingPyra, Mariusz; Żurakowska-Sawa, Joanna
2020The dollar exchange rates in the covid-19 era : evidence from 5 currenciesPasiouras, Alexandros; Daglis, Theodoros
2011Forecasting Maltese inflation using ARIMA modelsCurmi, Jessica (2011)
2021Forecasting the cargo throughput for small and medium-sized ports : multi-stage approach with reference to the multi-port systemBernacki, Dariusz; Lis, Christian
2021Forecasting the unemployment rate : application of selected prediction methodsRokicki, Tomasz; Gostkowski, Michal
2011A futures business model for a progressive Jewish school in MelbourneZammit, Michael J. (2011)
2021Innovative development of the food sector in the republic of Belarus and Poland : status and current development trendsMickiewicz, Bartosz; Antonina, Efimenko; Ekaterina, Volkova
2020Narrow money demand in Indonesia and in other transitional economies – model selection and forecastingOsinska, Magdalena; Blazejowski, Marcin; Kufel, Pawel; Kufel, Tadeusz; Kwiatkowski, Jacek
2020Predictability in securities price formation : differences between developed and emerging marketsCamilleri, Silvio John; Vassallo, Semiramis; Bai, Ye
2014Predictive ability of three different estimates of “Cay” to excess stock returns : a comparative study for South Africa and USAEmara, Noha
2001Steps in forecasting with seasonal regression : a case study from the carbonated soft drink marketCaruana, Albert
2016The University of Malta in 2030 : a strategic foresight exerciseSpiteri, Michael (2016)