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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Dependency on foreign labor in the information and communication technology sector of the Maltese economyThake, Anne Marie
2018The determinants of labour migration from Italy to MaltaGiordmaina, Isaac
2017Did Malta's accession to the EU raise its potential growth? : a focus on the foreign workforceGrech, Aaron George
2018Economic aspects of migration in MaltaSpiteri, Luke
2017The employment experiences of migrants : a study of the hospitality sector in MaltaDuncan, Kelsey
2018Employment of forced migrants and public policyVella, Stefan Nicholas
2017The employment of low skilled foreign workers in the Maltese labour marketCauchi, Maria Graziella
2017Establishing a framework for managing migrant construction workers in the Maltese islandsAbdilla, Adrian (2017)
2016Estimating the impact of foreign workers on the Maltese economyFenech, Theresa
2021Exploring the working conditions of Filipino workers in the manufacturing sector in MaltaBlake, Claire (2021)
2008General Workers’ Union calls for action on irregular migrant workCamilleri, Noel; Debono, Manwel
2021The impact of a culturally diverse team on the timeliness, operating costs and resilience of the project manager in construction project in MaltaSant, Christopher (2021)
2020The impact of foreign workers in Malta’s hospitality industry, with specific reference to front of house service : perception or fact?Grech, Owen (2020)
2019The impact of foreign workers on productivity : employers’ perspectives of Maltese firmsCurmi, Nadesh
2002The impact of the freedom of movement on the tourism industry, in the event of Malta joining the EUGay, Sarah Jennifer (2002)
2017The Impacts of migration on tourism employment in MaltaXuereb Said, Nigel
2009In search of a better life : the employment conditions of irregular immigrants in MaltaBezzina, Richard
2020An investigation of the experience of Nordic expatriates’ adjustment in MaltaDalli, Sarah (2020)
2019The macro economic impact of immigration on the Maltese economy : a VAR approachGalea, Cressida
2017-05Malta and the ‘new normal’ : the labour importing economyCentre of Labour Studies; Baldacchino, Godfrey