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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12Epigenetics and its medical repercussionsGrech, Alfred; Baldacchino, Sandra; Tufignio, Marcel
1992Exploration of the genetic basis of coagulation factor VII deficiency in a Maltese familyShinawi, Connie
2015Free our genes : a liberal reliefEllul, Ian C.
2010Genetic screening of heredity diseasesGamudi, Donia; Blundell, Renald
1970Hereditary diaphorase deficiency methemoglobinemia in Maltese familiesVassallo, Luis A.; Cauchi, Maurice N.
2013HERVs, transposons and human diseases : part 3Grech, Alfred; Baldacchino, Sandra
2012HERVs, transposons and human diseases : part IGrech, Alfred; Baldacchino, Sandra
2013HERVs, transposons and human diseases : part IIGrech, Alfred; Baldacchino, Sandra
2010Inherited cancer syndromesGamudi, Donia; Blundell, Renald
2017An introduction to epigeneticsBarbara, Maria Andria; Abdilla, Ylenia; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2008Molecular SNPlotypesâ„¢ with common alleles reflects expression profile in Diabetes Mellitus Type 2Al-Ashtar, Ali Ahmed
1995New insight into genetic disease : the role of trinucleotide repeat expansionsCuschieri, Alfred
2010Nurses' perceptions about alternative residential facilities for Huntington's disease patients : a qualitative studyCassar, Rebecca (2010)
1998Screening for genetic diseases : what are the moral constraints?Cuschieri, Alfred
1989A survey of chromosome anomalies in MaltaCuschieri, Alfred; Gauci, Sandra
1972Unilateral choanal atresiaFarrugia Randon, R.