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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08Labour market modelling in the light of the financial crisisLafourcade, Pierre; Gerali, Andrea; Bruha, Jan; Bursian, Dirk; Buss, Ginters; Corbo, Vesna; Haavio, Markus; Hakanson, Christina; Hledik, Tibor; Katay, Gabor; Kulikov, Dmitry; Lozej, Matija; Micallef, Brian; Papageorgiou, Dimitris; Vanhala, Juuso; Zeleznik, Marin
2019Malta : moving away from confrontationDebono, Manwel; Baldacchino, Godfrey
2017The methodical approach to the evaluation of the competitiveness of the border territoriesKmet, Elena Borisovna; Mayzner, Nadezhda Aleksandrovna
2017Model for integrating monetary and fiscal policies to stimulate economic growth and sustainable debt dynamicsSlepov, V. A.; Burlachkov, V. K.; Danko, T. P.; Kosov, Mikhail Evgenievich; Volkov, I. I.; Ivolgina, N. V.; Sekerin, V. D.
2017The mutual impacts of corporate governance dimensions and legal protection systems on the performance of European banks : a post-crisis studyEl-Chaarani, Hani
2010New dimensions of country risk in the context of the current crisis : a case study for Romania and GreeceDeceanu, Liviu; Pintea, Mirela; Thalassinos, El; Zampeta, Vicky
2018The Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) Regulation : a study of its impact on a small countryGauci, Yanika
2015Pension reforms in the 1990s and during the financial crisis : more of the same?Grech, Aaron George
2015Pension reforms since the financial crisis could have a serious impact on the future retirement incomes of young EuropeansGrech, Aaron George
2012The policy responses and implications of the global financial crisis on Asia : a case study for MalaysiaKhoon, Goh Soo; Hui, Lim Mah; Sua, Tan Yao
2017Pricing and yields of European sovereign debt, post the 2007-2008 global financial crisisBusuttil, Nicole
2017Professional scepticism at different stages of the Maltese statutory auditBugeja, Robert
2015The profitability of significant credit institutions within the euro areaScerri, Sephora
2015The recent financial crisis and its impact on the performance indicators of selected countries during the crisis period : a replyThalassinos, Eleftherios; Pintea, Mirela; Ratiu, Patricia Iulia
2012Recessions, budget deficits and austerity : a comment on the USA and European economiesKondonassis, Alexander J.
2017Reconfiguration of financial system elements to restore economic growth : the system simplicity and transformation towards state-based and corporate-based typesAnureev, Sergey Vladimirovitch
2010Regulation of the financial sector in the light of the global economic crisis : an EU perspectiveFormosa, Andrew (2010)
2012A research study on the impact of the global crisis on small and medium enterprises (SMEs)Sammut, Roderick
2012Responses of monetary authorities in emerging economies to international financial crises : what do we really know?Allegret, Jean Pierre
2015Results of the 2014 wage dynamics network for MaltaMicallef, Brian; Caruana, Karen