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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Mining player behaviour from a subscription‐based online gameCalafato, Daniel (2023)
2015More beneath the mask of aggression : perceptions, beliefs and attitudes towards human tendencies of aggression and/or destructionAbela, Alix
2018Parental perspectives on children’s meals regarding food outletsBorg, Meghan Mariah
n.d.Psycho-socio-pathological aspects of nonverbal communication, with special reference to body languageBorg, Carmel
2023Rupture : an inevitable presence in the history of humankind, with Malta as a case studyButtigieg, Noel; Cassar, George
2019Social constructs in predicting corruptive attitudes and behavior from the theory of planned behavior perspectiveZulaikha; Hadiprajitno, Paulus T. Basuki; Amal, Muhammad Ihlasul
2015Spring hunting referendum : an application of Ajzen’s theory of planned behaviourAbela, Abraham
2021A study of the triggers of corruptionGalea Taylor, Katia (2021)
2021Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” : an analysis of ISAtanasova, Victoria (2021)
2018-12T-pattern detection and analysis for the discovery of hidden features of behaviourCasarrubea, Maurizio; Magnusson, M. S.; Anguera, M.T.; Jonsson, G.K.; Castañer, M.; Santangelo, A.; Palacino, M.; Aiello, S.; Faulisi, F.; Raso, G.; Puigarnau, S.; Camerino, O.; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Crescimanno, Giuseppe
2007Us and them : an analysis of forces influencing illicit chemical useTaliana, Pierre (2007)
2016Utilizing the theory of planned behaviour to predict binge drinking behaviour among University students of MaltaTaliana, Jean