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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The legal implication of Malta’s accession to the U.N. statelessness conventionsMuscat, Jonathan
1978Life in MaltaCarlon, Elsa-Lee
2011The lived experience of coloured citizens in MaltaDebono, Marija
2019The macro economic impact of immigration on the Maltese economy : a VAR approachGalea, Cressida
2008Malta [European Journal of Political Research 47]Fenech, Dominic
2010Malta [European Journal of Political Research 49]Fenech, Dominic
1985Maltese migration : a critique of two viewsDelia, E.P.
2014Management challenges in a multicultural setting : the case of the Marsa open centre (Malta)Lewis, Clifton Robert
2015Managing migrant nurses in Malta : an assessment of their integration and competencies in the health systemAgius, Kevin
2019Managing migration in the MediterraneanCalleya, Stephen
2016Marriage of convenience in Malta : a thing of the past?Gauci, Maxine
2015Migrant rescue at sea : a humanitarian view of search and rescue in MaltaPace, Maria Kristina
2015Migration, identity and integration : a case study of the multi-ethnic reality in the Maltese islandsBorg, Berta
2019The multiple impacts of foreign workers in MaltaGrech, Kurt
2017No man is an island : the role of social networks in facilitating the integration of African migrants into Maltese societyZammit, Thea
2011'Not our problem' why the detention of irregular migrants is not considered a human rights issue in MaltaDeBono, Daniela
2017Opening the door? : understanding shifts in Maltese immigration policy with regard to third-country nationalsSpagnol, Ryan
2011Our rumour transmission in Malta : a social psychological analysisVella, Nicole (2011)
2020Pandemics and policy : a human rights based approach to migration in MaltaHord, Olivia
2019A passage to Malta. The health and wellbeing of foreign children in MaltaCefai, Carmel; Keresztes, Noemi; Galea, Natalie; Spiteri, Rachel