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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Organizational and methodological approaches to development of accounting policy for formation of integrated accounting of interrelated agricultural companiesBalashova, Natalia N.; Melikhov, V. A.; Ovchinnikov, Mikhail A.; Egorova, Ekaterina M.; Tokareva, E. V.
2020-04-12Post-COVID 19 scenariosDeidun, Alan
2015PrefaceMcGee, John; Sammut-Bonnici, Tanya
2017Reconfiguration of financial system elements to restore economic growth : the system simplicity and transformation towards state-based and corporate-based typesAnureev, Sergey Vladimirovitch
2010The role of credit rating agencies in the wake of the 2008 financial crisisBonello, Andrea Luca
2018Role of culture and law enforcement in determining the level of IFRS adoptionLaupe, Supriadi
2018Situational analysis of socio-cultural interaction of states under conditions of globalizationAnufrieva, N. I.; Kamenets, A. V.; Kazakova, I. S.; Morozova, E. A.; Yushchenko, N. S.
2020-03-15Sometimes, a crisis can actually be helpful...Deidun, Alan
2019Strategic instruments to choose foreign target marketsDimitriadi, N. A.; Voronkova, O. N.; Galazowa, S. S.
2016Structural and logical model of contemporary global economic systemPopkova, Elena G.; Chechina, Oksana; Sultanova, Aleksandra
2020Taking stock on Brexit, Institute for European Studies policy brief 03/2020Thede, Susanna
2002Testing the degree of openness of the Greek capital account : a cointegration analysisPaleologos, John M.; Georgantelis, Spyros E.
2014Volatility spillovers and stock market co-movements among Western, Central and Southeast European stock marketsIvanov, Mile